Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Today is Naomi's birthday.  My youngest, my baby, she is 27 years old today.  She lives in Mokpo, Korea working as an English teacher.  We just saw her less than 2 weeks ago when we flew her to Hawaii for Susanna's wedding.  Managed to get a Seoul/Honolulu non-stop.

It's still hard to make connections with people living abroad, even in a developed country like Korea.  Mailing parcels is expensive and takes at least two weeks.  Letters aren't much better.  She has her cell phone but it doesn't work there and she hasn't been able to get one in Korea (paperwork, permits, etc).  She has a bank account in a Korean bank where her paycheck is deposited and she can get cash but can't write checks.  But she hasn't been able to figure out how to get money into her American bank here so she can pay her bills.  She doesn't speak much Korean so it's hard to figure out these things.  She gave Dennis cash to deposit into her American bank.  Never been able to figure out how to send to her apartment; we just send things to the school where she works.  Plus she's 17 hours ahead of us.  She can use Facebook and email on her computer.  I can call her or send her messages on Skype.

When were were in Hawaii, I wanted to take her to the farmer's market and get her a cute bag or something else for her birthday but there wasn't time.

But guess who has their act together.  FTD!  Sending flowers.  Turns out that, for $87, I could send her a next day floral arrangement.  That's not that much more than sending one here.  So I sent her these flowers to her school.  And they arrived!  I'm impressed.  Doesn't look anything like the flower arrangement on the webpage but whatever.  A modest arrangement overall.  I think the color choices are interesting, I don't think an American florist would put that combo together.

Naomi just called via Skype.  She says that in Korea, they like things bright and over the top.  I guess the flower delivery involved lots of people at the school.

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