Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowing Back East

It's snowing back east.  I have not talked to my aunt (in the Boston area) or my cousin (north of New Haven) but I'm assuming they're all ok.  I think I would have heard or maybe not.  But seems like New Haven 'only' got 8 inches.

Which is plenty.

Picture from another cousin who lives in Hebron on Facebook.

Glad we don't have it.  But sending out hopeful wishes to those involved with this storm.

Monday, January 26, 2015

New pic of Naomi

A new picture of herself that Naomi put up on her Facebook Page.  A nice picture of a young woman already started in her career.  Now she does teach in the same town as the Super Bowl this weekend.  I think that there's a lot going on.  The people attending the Super Bowl will likely not see the part of town where she teaches.  Her school Title 1, 99% reduced price lunch.

She's not going; others living cities that have hosted have rented out rooms or their apartment at very lucrative rates.  But Naomi says "But where would Albert (her cat) and I sleep?"  No, she just has to keep teaching and keep things together.  The Super Bowl can be for it's own fanatics.

Watchuing that big snow storm Juno hit in the east.  Thinking of my cousin in Cheshire CT.  Connecticut seems to be right in the center of it.  Right now!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


That's my girl; always in the air.  Nice background.  Not sure where it's taken.  My first though was that little Victory Heights park but that's not right.

I remember when she was in high school; the goalkeeper on the varsity team.  Her backup said, "how come when I jump up I come right back down?  When Suzie jumps, somehow she stays up there!"

I don't know how that worked either.

But I know what she means.  She can just hang up there in space doing what others can only dream of.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I went to a Board Retreat today but it didn't look like this.  And I'm not on the Board, actually.  But I serve kind of in a staff position.  And I'm familiar with everybody involved.

I like all the people; I think the event was run very well.  It was held at somebody's house, a big mock tudor house on a street of similar big houses.

I had been close to a burnout, doing too much with this organization.  I didn't volunteer to do any of the many jobs needed to keep a non-profit afloat.  Though I can see a major project I have been considering effectively blocked.  Very indirectly.  I choose to interpret that my project could not happen; it wasn't well thought out; it needs another direction.  Another form. 

But I'm certainly exhausted.  We went out to La Raza where we go most every Saturday evening and watched dumb tv.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I want my pool back!

My pool in the Mountlake Terrace Recreation Pavilion is closed until Feb 16.  I've been going there for many years mostly taking Deep Water Aerobics.  It takes me just a very few minutes to get there, maybe about 3 miles away.  It's been closed since Jan 12; reopening Feb 15.  5 weeks!

I'm a MLT pool refugee!  My friend Julia and I are steadfastly working to weather this sad state of affairs.  Even though our class has been cancelled (I kept it alive through protest for 8 months), we and sometimes a few other people still show up at the same time anyway.  I've tried the Shoreline Pool, she went to Lynnwood Pool.  I went to Lynnwood pool this morning.  Whew it was cold.  It was ok, at least I'm not half dead like I was after the Shoreline class.

But it's not my pool!  I want my pool back!

They posted this picture on Facebook.  They're replacing the liner.  Not sure what it all means but my pool is closed!

It's easy whining about my pool.  I heard about a death of a contemporary.  I knew him back in the day but mostly knew him through my boyfriend at that time, Steve.  Steve announced the death, again on Facebook.  All I know is that this must be a terrible blow to Steve as he always admired him.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

58 weasels

Sometimes, I find something so funny but I don't know why.  Dennis also loved this cartoon.

From the New Yorker, of course.

In case you can't read the caption:
"Now that we've fallen in love, I have a confession. I'm not a giraffe, I'm fifty-eight weasels in a trenchcoat"
Maybe because so many times in our lives, things and people turn out to be not what they seem.  We can make some big time errors.  This poor giraffe has been so misled.

Think about it, you think you have a great lover.  And he turns out to be 58 weasels in a trenchcoat.  Happens all the time!  How could we have not seen it??????

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Manifest Injustice

Too much Parent Group stuff!

Today I did do Court Support for a friend in the group  As usual, it took the whole morning because that's just how it goes.  The 17 year old young man was not released.  I thought he might and that could have happened but it didn't.  I've seen this judge several times all with this young man; very impressed with him.  He cares a lot and has thoughtfully considers the options every hearing with giving the young person every chance to improve his situation and, in this case, get appropriate treatment.  Let's just say that this young man has not always made wise choices, in fact mostly not.  He's been incarcerated much of the last three or four years.  Also a shoutout to the treatment program which has showed a lot of care and perseverance.

It's up to the young man now; he'll soon be 18.

The judge has used a principle called Manifest Injustice. or MI ing up.  The judge has the option, if the sentencing guidelines are not appropriate, he can declare Manifest Injustice and up the sentence.  The judge has done this, I believe, so this young man will have more supervision.  Not punitive really.  The young man might not agree.

As always, kudos in general to King County Juvenile Justice!

The picture is not about this case, I took it from a newspaper site.  But it gives the flavor or being taken into custody.  The young man from today's hearing is of color.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New China Cabinet

Presnting Ilana and Matt's new china cabinet.  Bought new-to-them locally in Lafayette Indiana.

The gravy boat (Ilana's favorite) in the place of honor (thanks to Grandma M who purchased it for them).  Their wedding china and their special silverware.  The ribons were one of their wedding colors.  Part of the silver service that belonged to my grandmother featured below.

It looks great!

Monday, January 19, 2015

12th Man

As I wrote yesterday, the Seattle SeaHawks are going to the Super Bowl after a tremendous comeback when they scored 15 points in 3 minutes and won the game in overtime.  They sometimes have rallies where Dennis works including some members of the Blue Thunder Drum Corps.  Picture included.

Last year and this year, SeaHawks jerseys and apparel are considered business attire.  The Seattle Times ran a poll :"Did you wear a SeaHawks jersey or other Hawks apparel to work or school in the past week?" Of the 2064 respondeents, 71% said they had..

We do not own any SeaHawks apparel.  Somebody's making a lot of money on this.  I do admit to watching the game on TV.  Pretty exciting to pull it off.