Sunday, October 23, 2016

Silly picture at Crown College

I was looking through our August trip in August and came across this silly one.  We took a short trip to UCSC and, even though there's a whole lot more there, much not built when I went there, we hit the high points, mainly because, even these are all grownups, there's a lot of them and attentions span are not so much.  We were at Crown College in front of Harvey House and we took a cousin picture near that redwood tree on the right.

When I went, the total enrollment was about 3500; now 15K or 18K or something.

So I must have snapped this picture with people being silly.  As always, I wonder what I would think of my future self.  With the cast of thousands.  It's good, right?  Rich, right?  And complicated.  I think Susanna must have taken the picture, I might be next to my niece Teresa.  Or not.  Who knows?  That really is how it is to have a large family then and when everybody was small.  Who knew?  About things in general.  What was for dinner or where everybody was or anything.  Dennis in the middle, Danny in foreground,, behind him is my sister and Teresa.  My son in law Matt playing to the camera.  Naomi, Megan and Charl behind them.  Where's Ilana.  Who knows, right?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Triple Parenthesis

Apparently antisemitic, white supremacist and other right wing groups call out Jews, especially in the media, by writing their name in triple parenthesis.  Like the revised title on my blog.  One way around it is to embrace it.  Everybody can support persecuted groups by embracing the symbolism.

For example, when the Nazis insisted that all Jews in newly occupied Denmark wear the yellow star, the story is that everybody started wearing the yellow star including the king.

That's the idea, though I don't know if that's strictly true, I'm going with it.  They can't smash me if I don't let them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Co-opting the Nazi death camps

Interesting topic in my class today.  The liberation of the concentration camps.  The Allied Armies 'discovered' them in Spring 1945.  And used them for their own purposes.  They, of course, were truly horrible but the Allied Armies used them to 'prove' the real reason why they had to go to war against perverted Nazi Germany.  General Eisenhower ordered all military units not engaged to come to Germany to see them.  Also senators and congressman.  They forced the local German populace to come and look at the horrors in their own neighborhood.  Which they denied any knowledge of.

This struck me as so disingenuous.  They knew those concentration and camps were there and what happened in them.  Jewish underground sources went to tremendous efforts and great danger to carry the news to the British and American authorities.  And they did nothing, NOTHING.  Roosevelt and his State department, refused to let in Jewish refugees, did not want to be seen as 'favoring' the Jews.  Said they could not divert air power to bomb Auschwitz even though they bombed other targets not five miles away.  The European Jews who risked their lives felt that, if the Americans knew, they would do something.  But they didn't.  Rescue trough victory.  We just need to win the war.

And now the Allies take the moral high ground, putting the world right.

This image, my teacher said was the iconic image of the concentration camps.  Margaret Bourke-White photo that was not published until 1960 in Life.  I don't remember seeing it.  We speculated that this picture was easier to take because these men were alive, clothed and standing.  Not so grotesque.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Two fellas...

Last night we had dinner at Susanna and Megan's house.  Nice time, watched the Huskies spank the Ducks in football.  Admired their new dining room table and chairs.  You mean we don't have to sit on the floor any more?

Susanna took this picture of Hammie sitting on Dennis' lap.  They both look happy.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Layla and Majnun

Today I had a treat.  I read a newspaper review about the opening of the season at Meany Theater at UW.  A new production by Mark Morris Dance.  We never go to these things because it's so expensive and, well, we never go.  But I thought an Azerbajani inspired dance by Mark Morris (always have wanted to see his work) with the Silk Road Ensemble (famous, started by Yo Yo Ma.  Traditional singing.  How can you go wrong???  Plus there wasn't anything going.

World Premier last weekend in Berkeley, there's a matinee today.  I want to go!  Try to talk Dennis into it.  We could do this!  Nah, he doesn't go for it.  So I look at the review for awhile, yeah it's spendy $65 tickets.  I could go myself, I could do it.  I find a single seat online, I buy it.  I'm going anyway, I announce.

So I did and not disappointed.  Picture must have been from the premiere last week.  Wonderful music, engaging singing, lithe and expressive dancers.  So much to look at and hear, it was hard to know what to watch.  The traditional singers are in the middle front.  The ensemble in the center of the stage.  The dancer dance in front, on the site and in back.

Layla and Majnun, a traditional story in the vein of Romeo and Juliet but a thousand years older.  Famous father and daughter duo doing the traditional singing.  Colorful, engaging, so beautiful.  So glad I went.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Austrian Village

My brother allows me to post his photographs on my blog.  This is from 2013; I know he has learned a ton more by now.  Now that he's retired (sort of, well not working), he spends even more time on his photography.

He took this picture on a work trip to Europe in 2013.  I don't know which village in Austria.  It almost seems so story book.not even real.  But very bad things happened in those places.  My first thought, as usual, is that he's cranked up the color saturation too high.  He says "But that's the way I see it."  And maybe he does.  Who knows how artists see things.

Wonder where he took it from.   A nearby hill?  I'll have to ask him.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Graphic footage

This quarter, I'm taking a class called Holocaust and America which is about America's reaction to the Holocaust.  I have some differences with the teacher and how I'm treated as an access student but I'm willing to go forward.  I know that it will be difficult and uncomfortable time with a difficult and uncomfortable subject.

Today she talked about antisemitism in American in the 1920s and 1930s.  Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, etc.  A few years ago, Dennis owned some Ford stock, after awhile I just couldn't tolerate owning stock in Henry Ford's company so I made him sell it. 

I think the students were shocked at the idea of the American extremist opinion.  Many did not realize that this could happen.  So much now, substitute Muslim for Jewish and you've got some of the same hating going on.

I finally got put in the class.  She has some video portions.  Tonight I watched Nazi Concentration Camps US Army footage shown at the Nuremberg trials.  Very very very graphic.  An entire hour.  I did it; I watched it..  This part were some survivors.  This is bad enough but NOTHING like some of the other images.

Nuremberg,, In Bavaria, near where my maternal grandmother's family came from in the mid nineteenth century.

I will never go to Bavaria.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Me and Gin selling pops

Oh, a week has gone by!

Here's a picture of my friend Gin and I selling popsicles this afternoon at the Lake Forest Park farmer's market.  We did good!  We only sold for two hours.  A Seahawk game this morning and the weather was generally cool.  So sales were not so strong.  But we sold out share.  We took money and punched cards, figured out where the flaveos were and got the covers off.

Fun!  We've always wanted to do this.  So, late in the season, maybe Megan's gotten short.

Later Susanna came and, along with John T. took the booth down.

Tonight, Dennis and I will go to Rosh Hashonah services.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Judy Gregory memorial

Judy Gregory, an active member of our genealogy group, passed away recently.  The group had grown out of a core group of members from the 2011-2 Genealogy and Family History Certificate program at UW.  When we get together (including with Judy), we just talk and talk ... about genealogy of course.  We all know the other's searches.  And, of course, they all know about Maier Zunder and the work I've done with him. Judy was always a breath of fresh air, the picture does do her justice.  She had been diagnosed with uterine cancer 4 years ago and did well until recently.

Four of us went to her memorial this afternoon.  Her spouse Cindi had indicated that it would be small so we did't spread the word.  As it was, 60-70 were there and there weren't enough seats.  But I was glad to be there.  We met her half sister, who worked with Judy on genealogy.  She knew all about us and we were so glad to meet her.  We immediately agreed to include her even though she lives in Tucson.

The gathering was held at a small winery on the shores of the Ship Canal, across from where Megan works the Fair on Sunday.  I had also been at their home close by a few times.

Farewell Judy, before your time, always searching for information on the Banahan family.