Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Progress at Seattle Pops store

As Megan says, the walls are up at her new brick and mortar store in Wallingford.  Exciting!  Originally I heard it was going to take about six weeks!

Can hardly wait

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Danny at Blue Fin

Check out this link that ran today on a Seattle entertainment website.  Danny is in the first of the three buffets.  It's really pretty funny!  Picture is when the taste tester decides to eat some really spicy wasabi straight.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cresting 65 - Part 2 Health

A friend said a while ago, "It's upsetting that people my age are now dying from natural causes and not accidents."

Yes, exactly.

As I look around, I am beginning to see people my age with serious health crises.  Even dying (Fred of blessed memory, of flu complications).  Non-Hodgkins lympoma next door.  "Lung nodules," found in a friend, complications of heart and diabetes in another.

And, despite, the model that we were steeped in, people don't necessarily 'get better.'  You know the model, go to the doctor, get your medicine and you get better.  In previous centuries, people expired in middle age.  Now not so much or not talked about.

People died in their 60s, even now.  Nobody is immune from this death thing.

It's circling.

I talked with my cousin about the money thing, she knew many people who were fortunate to have trans-generational wealth.  I can only think of one other person.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Cresting 65 - Part 1 money

I will turn 65 in the next few weeks.  We can step back in astonishment and wonder how that could really happen?  Do the math.  I always am, working to understand what happens to people at what age.

What do you associate with age 65?


Until very recently, I was not clear how that worked.  You stopped working and you still lived and ate and slept.  But, exactly how did that money thing work?  People did it; they went on trips and had houses.  How did that get paid?

Now, I'm beginning to see a dichotomy among those in my cohort.  In the past, there could be money problems but, you could always change things.  Yes, you might be struggling financially, but you could get a better paying job or maybe work a second job.  The potential for improvement always existed.  And you could always live paycheck  to paycheck.

Until that doesn't work any more.  "When you are too old to work but too young to die."

I probably would have used the 'bakerman' approach to retirement.  I did it for college expenses and it worked.  Refers to a game played in preschool.  The teacher makes an imaginary cake and puts it in an imaginary item.  And when the buzzer goes off, she reaches back and there's something there for the kids to eat.  What really happened was the preschool parents hustled around to find something.  I did that for my kid's college expenses, just figured the money would be there and it was.  But likely for the same reason, that we 'can retire'.

But now, I see that people, families, my peers divide into two groups.  People who are doing ok and people who are not.  If you don't have the assets to 'retire' (ie stop working), the situation is not likely to change.  Some people around me are really stuck for money.  They have nothing behind them and nothing likely to come.  They must be prepared to eke along, hope they have social security.  Lotsa people.  More than I would have been prepared to admit.

So who skates here?  Who 'can retire'?

Some people have good pensions.  I know some people like that.  You work for a long time in a job with a good defined benefit pension and then you collect that pension and bob's your uncle.  Dennis' parents had that.  Somehow the jobs I had never had that sort of thing, not Dennis' either except for his last job.  With this deal, you just keep on collecting.  But not many of them left.  It never occurred to me to specifically look for a job with that kind of benefit.  Too many other variables.  When I was younger, jobs came with benefits and they seemed like a good idea I never could put them in perspective.

Some people have amassed wealth themselves.  They have enough put away to take care of themselves.  Buying and selling.  High paying jobs.  Very few people but there are some.

Some people have trans-generational wealth.  Their forebears acquired wealth and it passed down to the younger generation.  That's what we have.  Inheritance from my parents and grandparents provide the money so we 'can retire.'  Indirectly, that paid for the college costs.  I'm grateful and lucky.

Some people figure they will just keep working.  One man I know just got a new job as he turned 80.  But often you can't keep your job.  Like my father, you get re-organized out.  Ageism is huge in the employment market.  Especially in these days of the 'free market.'   Hire the younger cheaper people.  There's no societal responsibility for business to keep on the old folks.  Clean house.

Here we all are.  We either 'can retire' or we will struggle along.  I realize that for some people, some close around me, things look bleak, they have nothing and world ahead looks cold and a little hungry.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Some good times

How about a picture of a good time?

I have been working on some oral interviews.  I've been working with this community member for several months.  She has performed all her life and had a CD of a variety of her recordings.  Some in Hebrew, Ladino and Yiddish, some popular songs.  I suggested that we add the CD to the archives.  So last week, I picked up her (and her CD) up and we went to the university and their specialty librarian made some copies.  The archivist and the librarians were so good; we all had a great time in the basement.  I'm listening to the CD right now.

Friday, March 31, 2017

UW cherry blossoms

Such a special time and place.  Who can resist the cherry blossoms on the quad at UW?  You just have to be there.   Everybody is posting these pictures and so will I.  Taken yesterday ON SITE.  It only lasts a week or so everybody everybody loves the cherry blossoms.  You can see people posing and taking pictures and just taking in the experience of the cherry blossoms.  People filled the quad.  I imagine this is how it is in Japan.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More cemetery drama

So it's going along, actually it's done but what, exactly is done?

Especially working with older people (like me, like my cousin Mary Ann) who, though they've seen it a zillion times, can't quite keep it straight.

So I've come up with the design and the lettering, it will be a raised stone, it will be next to Delia (great grandmother to Mary Ann and I).

We've paid the money (over $1100, ok these things cost).  So I asked Mary Ann to go look at the site again just so we know how things will fit.

I asked on the eve of that giant storm they had last week.  Well, not today, maybe.

So she goes out there and sends me this picture

There are two footstones cleared, Delia is on the right.  So will we be to the left or right of Delia.  I think to the right but truly it does not matter.

But what got me (and her) was the stone in the back.

Waidaminute, I thought it was this one:

Our great great grandparents.  Not Maier but close.  So where's this stone?  It's the one, yes that's the one Mary Ann remembers.  But neither of us can remember where this is.  So, next time Mary Ann goes out there, she will figure it out.

Because, really, I'm going into the old section and I can't change a darn thing.  So it's that kinda rough rectangular stone with the name Weil on it which will be the main stone marking the site.

But what's with the bush???"??  I mean, that's an ugly bush.  Can we lose the bush? asks Mary Ann.  I show it to Dennis.  Who cares about the bush? he says.  Ask John Nolan, the cemetery guy, says Mary Ann.

Is there anything else written on the stone under "Weil" obscured by the bush?

Why were we so confused?  How come neither of us remember the bush?  I've been to Delia's grave a lotta times, Mary Ann many times more.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Us protesting last week

Last week, Dennis and I went for a half-day protest in Olympia with NARAL about abortion rights.

Olympia, as usual, was sleepy.

The photo shows the group (somewhat diminished) towards the end of the day sitting on the steps of the rotunda in the the Capitol building.  You can see Dennis and me way up in the upper right.  Dennis in the red sweatshirt, the top of his head almost cut off.  I'm to the right with a pussy hat (thank you Colette!) on partially obscured.

We have just been standing in the rain for an hour or so.  Which explains our somwhat bedraggle demeanor.  That seems to be how it is  protesting and marching in the Northwest.  Now the Women's march was good weather; everything since involves standing in the rain.  Getting cold and wet.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Battling Bob!

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announcing today that he will ask a ruling on the new version of the Travel Ban claiming it's unconstitutional.  Several states are joining in this motion. Bob Ferguson was behind the first version granted a stay by Judge Robart here in Seattle and then in the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.

My hero!

Yeah, that guy is from MY Washington state.  Took Trump on with the "Muslim Ban" and won.  Last time only Minnesota went in with him.  You go!!!