Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stayed with the old dog

I decided to stay home with Shirra, the old dog.  She can's hear and really can't see.  Plus she wanders in random ways.  Dennis could just see her tumbling down the hill or off the stone wall to the rock beach.  I thought she would wander off into the brush.  Because she doesn't make any noise when she gets in an awful fix and can't hear us, we would lose her for sure.

On the other hand, Teddy loves the cabin and the people ... plus people play ball.  He doesn't wander because he likes to be close to the action.  You know what's great about people who eat big fun food outside, they drop stuff and, you never know, somebody might slip you some chips.  Now, the other guests might not appreciate him.

So Dennis wanted to go and take Naomi (who's visiting) and Naomi wanted to take Teddy.  I have a ton of things to work on so I'm stayed here.  Read articles for next week's class.  Also try to read an entire book on interviewing (I've read a lot of it!).  My session next week continues to expand.  One of those events that take on a life of its own.  Now we've picked up an executive director who wants to come.  Yikes.

Visited Dave who was selling popsicles at the Shoreline Farmers Market.  Dennis and I were doing that last week.  That business makes for a long hard summer.  Sales for the first summer were much higher than expected and this season's sales are many times last season's.  So she must be doing something right (other than working 80 hours a week at it.

They're on their way home now, I'm sure. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Narrative of the Old Sactuary

Did I really miss two days?  I'll blame the heat.  In Seattle, when it hits 80 degrees, that's considered massive hot, just looked online, says 91.  It's been that way for quite a few days.  So it's like went the bridge in Mount Vernon went down.  You could blame everything on that for weeks.

"I meant to get that done but, you know, the bridge is down."

I used this picture a few weeks ago; I'll use it again.  I'm proceeding with this project.  Met with Professor Kathie F yesterday, downloaded the interviewing book she recommended.  Got on the phone and set up a meeting with my two informants next Wed afternoon.  They are very passionate about these events of 23 years ago.

So, if I think about it, I'll have to ignore the heat and really get moving on this.  Also panic.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ilana and Charl

Ilana's back home after going to the ALA conference in San Francisco.  A late meeting made it hard for her to fly home so she went to visit my brother and stayed overnight.

There's a lot of small restaurants around him.  So they ate at a Japanese place.  She put this picture up of herself with her uncle for 'blog fodder'. 

Why not?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed

There were some surprises to the San Francisco Pride parade.  I joked to Dennis, where is Pit Bull Pride?  People often Teddy accuse of pit bull heritage.  He doesn't know.  He's about the sweetest boy ever.  Dennis calls him "Whiney Baby."  Dennis says you missed it, there was a Pit Bull rescue group in the Pride Parade. Ideal family pet, he said.

But the Pink Pistols guy got a very short interview.  This is a gay gun ownership group.  As soon as the guy said what his group was about, he got cut off pretty quick.  He said something very quick about ownership rights for recreational use.

He's got a point, armed gays don't get bashed.  I guess if you're packing and you want some gun violence....

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Dennis and I had a quiet day; I found the San Francisco Pride parade on a webcast and we enjoyed having that on.  So corporate though, tons of companies (Apple, Safesay, Intel) with big contingents of marchers.  They didn't really have a message, just marched in the parade. Ilana was in the middle of it.  She was trying to get her Business Librarian committee work done at ALA at the Moscone Center right on Market Street.

The librarians were marching.  Some suggested that they all go together to the Parade which was right outside.  But Ilana had been waiting all year to have these meetings and she didn't want to give them up.

I did capture some good pictures.  But still, this one, on the front of the paper impressed me most.  The White House lit with the pride colors.  Cool.

The Pride festivities got a huge boost with the Supreme Court decision.  But, I don't believe that means that any same gender couple can automatically marry immediately in those 34 states.  But that decision sets the stage. 

Of course, it's good news for our family as it strengthens marriage.

I think back to my Women's Study class of last summer taught by a transgender man.  He opposed the idea of so many resources going into gay marriage.  The message was 'we're just like you.' which is very powerful.  But he sniffed at it, "But we're not like you.  Don't pretend we are." he said.

A quiet day is good.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It HAS been a good week

For all of us knee jerk liberals (and I count myself as one).

So I couldn't resist,Facebook's little thing to impose a rainbow on your profile picture.  Fun, why not?  Of course,then I would have to find that picture again to put it back.  Unless Facebook is going to make some little process to put it back.

Whatever, if that's my only problem.

So the Pride celebrations are just going to be nuts both in Seattle and San Francisco.  Ilana is at the ALA conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center right on Market Street.  And the hotels are on the other side of Market Street.  Apparently the Pride parade runs 12 hours tomorrow right down Market Street.

May we all live in interesting times

Today, for example, I went down to Wallingford to work on a big Parent Group project at 9:30 am.  I moved a team meeting so I could spend two hours doing that.  When we got all the stuff together, there was a ton of materials.  There were only 4 of us working and I worked hard and diligently but when I left, though we had made a dent, it was NOT done.

Then to the team meeting.

Yesterday Megan asked me to sell popsicles at the Shoreline Farmers Market for a few hours in the afternoon.  I pressured Dennis to go with me, actually a good thing because I probably couldn't have done it myself.  So we did that from 1-3.

And it's still 91 degrees out which is Very Hot in Seattle.

Yes, I would call that busy.  Of course went out for burritos.

Good thoughts for Naomi who will be moving tomorrow in Phoenix.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Reflections of Charl

Charl just sent me this picture.  I thought it was a pretty good picture.  Until I thought about it,  He said he took it when he was taking the building pictures.  Could that be a reflection of himself in the glass of those office buildings?

I'm voting for that.  It's just a little off to have somebody else taking the shot.  He often works alone anyway.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Naches to Lee

My friend's son was interviewed on a San Diego television station about recent advances towards an AIDS vaccine.  A Ph.D. don't you know?  I tried to figure out how to embed it but couldn't quite figure in out.  But well-spoken.  And a proud mama!

It's 86 degrees here and that's considered Very Hot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More thoughts about memorial services

The other day, I wrote about a memorial service we attended for somebody very dear.  He belonged to a parenting group where I am also a member.  He was active in in the group for seven years and served on the board.  Over 30 members of the group attended.  I had written that somehow I had felt that we were left out.  Another member who I saw the next day said the same thing.

But yet another member I saw today pointed out that this was just the way that Don would have wanted.  Our group is relentlessly private and confidential.  "Who you see and what is said here remains here."  Lots of the time we work behind the scenes.  Kind of like AA.  You might be really involved but nobody outside needs to know and you're not to name anybody unless purposely asked.  Very sensitive information.

Yes, I thought, I understand.  I agree.

And the 30 plus people there, we all knew how close we were to Don.  And how close he was to each of us.  And really it didn't have to be acknowledged publicly. Because we all knew.

That's what counts.