Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Voice of Slimer

Last night, Dennis, Naomi and I went to see the new Ghostbusters movie on advice of Ilana.  Fun!  We really enjoyed it, funny and well written.  Too many action sequences but what do you expect?  The unusual part of this film (as we continue to see a  large number of films and TV shows NOT pass the Bechtel Test) was the four leads, the gostbusters, are played by smart, competent, funny women.

We originally went to our neighborhood theater (multi-screen) around 7 pm.  The box office told me that the 7:30 show was sold out.  What to do?  Naomi whips out her phone, finds another theater not too far away that doesn't look sold out.  "Want me to buy tickets?" she asks.  Ba da boom, ba da bing, she takes out her card and buys us the tickets to  Let's go, she says.  We get the directions to the other theater and make it with plenty of time to spare.

At the end, the very long credits come up.  Naomi says there's a part at the end.  Most of the people in the theater stay also.  But I catch a name in the credits, you know how fast they go, how can you pick out a name?  Adam Ray, voice of Slimer.  Hey, there was a kid from around here, Adam Ray.  Danny's age.  On a soccer team with Danny,  Big kid.  Vaguely remember him as talented.  Could it be him?  Yup, it is him!  He's an LA show business guy!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Iceland picture

My brother Charlie posted some pictures from his recent Iceland trip.  Designed for photographers, not beginners.  He said they worked long hours, worked very hard on their mages.

One of my favorites, though it does look cold!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Edmonds picnic

Keeping with the picnic theme but wanting to stay closer to home, Dennis and I went for a picnic lunch at Edmonds Beach on Puget Sound.  Maybe 15-20 minutes away.  Chilly very chilly.  Will we ever warm up?  Just a little?  I would like 70 degrees.  We had our summer in April; July chugs on without warming.  It's hard to believe it's summertime other places.  Quite a few people but we found a picnic table.  Walked around a little.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Naomi to Mokpo City

Naomi got her placement for teaching in Korea.  It's been a tough few weeks as it seems like everybody but her were getting teaching jobs.  She had put so much work and money to get the paperwork together.

Today she got the email.  She had asked for Seoul as she thought there would be more western style services and people.

But she got Mokpo City, a small (250K) harbor city on the very southwest tip of the country.  So there you go, that's where she's going.  She doesn't know if there are any other teachers from her group going there.  She was automatically put in a facebook group for her region.  The group started out with "For those going off the beaten path...."  Oh well so much for the big city.

Monday, July 11, 2016

First Day of Retirement

Today we went for a picnic.  On a Monday.  Because we could.  Originally we were going to go Saturday but we went to Brinker in Tacoma to watch one of the LadyHawks teams play.

I had been scoping out picnic areas in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest.

This was late this morning at Beckler River Campground a little over an hour away on Hwy 2, one of his favorite routes.  Quite a nice campground in the forest, pretty empty on a Monday on a cloudy cool summer day.  Seems like all of June and July have been cool and cloudy.  Summer anybody?  They had a separate picnic area right by the river..  That's the Beckler River burbling behind him.

Then another ten miles to Deception Falls, a beautiful area where you can see some great rapids and waterfalls very close to the road.  Some great very short trails.  I did the accessible trail.  A lot of white water for .2 miles.  Dennis took the longer trail with Teddy who decided that he wanted to run the trail at a full gallop.  Dennis was game and the two of them dashed up and down stone steps and along the river.

I took the picture of the lower falls from a footbridge above.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bridesmaid Dress

Ilana and Naomi will be bridesmaids in Susanna's wedding come December in Hawaii.  Susanna's side will be navy blue; Megan's side will be coral.  Here's Ilana having the dress fitted at David's Bridal in Indiana.  Here it is!  But I thought when I saw a picture it had a high neckline and sleeves.  Whatever, this is the real deal.

We went all the way to Sprinker Rec Center in Tacoma to watch one of the LadyHawks teams play.  Dennis likes to watch each team at least once, not that we've done it.

Dennis have a little come-apart when faced with the reality of the vacation next month.  OK, so I made a bunch of changes but didn't update it on the calendar.  It's much longer than we first set it up.  Because everybody except for Jessica (we'll miss Jessica) is coming.  We'll have a group of 10 or 11 in JJ's house from several different states.  Dennis has been busy retiring and, well, I'll take the blame for this.  Oh, oh, the reality hits.  "What?  What?" he says.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

More retirement party

Dennis gave his workers this blog site.  So I guess I ought to put something up on it.

How about another picture of his retirement party last week or whenever it was.  Shows the cake and some decorations.

Tomorrow, finally, will be his last day!  He's managed to drag this process out for six months.

We did go to the July 4th party on Harstine Island.  Good time, great meal, pretty place. Teddy always has a great time, he sticks right around the people.  Nice grassy area, some kids, there's some great fetching to be had.  He's still limping.  He really loved the kids and they loved him.

 On the way back, we had six adults, a large dog, two coolers and 4 cases of wine in the mini van for the trip back. I thought it was a contender.  Dennis points out that's nothing compared to the time he brought Susanna along with a double bed and bed frame, kitchen table and four chairs, a dresser a bicycle and a whole bunch of stuff when she had her first student house in Eugene.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Dennis and I decided that we would do some picnicing this summer. Near and far.  We live in a beautiful area but too often we just stay home; nothing wrong with that; just a little too insular.

So today, I picked a place nearby.  Stamm Overlook in Edmonds.  Very very small, just some benches and a trash can.  And a fabulous view.  I picked up a few pieces of chicken, some potato salad, Greek salad and some cherries.

Off we went; we had a very relaxing time watching the boats on the sound.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Naomi selling pops

Naomi's main job this summer is working for her future sister in law Megan in her business Seattle Pops.  This third summer, Seattle Pops is in even more farmers markets.  Which means that there has to be more people selling them.  Here's Naomi at the recent Shoreline farmers market.  Popsicle sales are really sensitive to weather.  When the warm sun comes up, people like buying popsicles.  If it's cool and drizzly, not so much.  So you can see Naomi wearing her jacket here in June.  I went over to keep her company and she's posing for me rather than selling pops to a line of customers.  When it gets warm, they buy.  Seattle Pops has a ton of return customers.

Employers (Microsoft, Amazon) are setting up farmers markets for their employees.  Right on their campuses.  Naomi works these but they haven't quite caught on yet.