Saturday, February 24, 2018


So now I have one.  I've had various mobility problems; nothing that really stops me but I do have limitations.  I have had 'disabled' status at UW for five years.  It's been so handy.  I almost always take the bus.  But I can park in handicapped parking if I do drive.  Really helpful.  They also have a disability bus which I occasionally use.  Sometimes I just can't get there from here.  Usually having to cross 15th Ave where there's a big overhead pedestrian bridge.  Very heavily used.  Lotsa stairs.  I just didn't feel like I could do those stairs if I had my old lady roller bag.  I did take the disability bus between Suzallo Library and my class way out at Condon (the wilderness).  Mainly because of that darn bridge.  Because I was carrying my laptop when we were working on the Deep Dive project.

I was talking with a friend who sometimes uses a walker.  Her bus lets her off right by that pedestrian bridge.  She has a really hard time getting into the campus in that same spot.  Told her about the disability bus.

I have been so grateful because these accommodations allowed me to participate in the university. Without that help, I couldn't do it.  I got a taste of it when looking for a class and realized that it's on the second floor of Anderson Hall.  That building is not accessible (a whole other story).

But this generic placard is a whole new thing.  I think it will help; I won't have to walk so far.  But it's another door to go through.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

And Naomi is in Mexico

She went wityh Will and Jackie to a resort on an island just off of Cancum.  She posted this picture on Facebook; the view from her window.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Susanna returns to Eugene

Susanna and Megan went to Eugene this weekend.  Susanna had said she wanted to take Megan there.  Especially in softball season.  It is softball season but the Ducks were in Arizona.  There's this whole new stadium.  They call in 'the Jane'.  Now, it's hard to get sentimental about old Howe Field.  One good thing was that there were no rules and you could do whatever you darn pleased.  Now it's more professional.

I heard they went to Prince Pucklers Ice Cream.  Twice.  A must for Eugene.  We always went there.

Seems like just yesterday.  She played 2004-2007.  The little girls who she signed autographs for are now the players!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Deep Dive itself

We held the Jewish Archives Deep Dive yesterday.  A big success, lots of people  came, we had lots of materials out.  Whether it translated into real money coming into the historical society, I don't know.  It took hours and hours of work in the last few months  but, as Nancy says, it really was fun.

The first picture shows part of the two rooms with all of the tables filled up.  Not sure of how many items we displayed, but it was more than 150.  I know that we didn't have everything but we had a lot.  I had a hand in most all of it.  The tables against the glass, was my first main gig, the Congregations.  I also worked in other areas, Organizations, Business, Entertainment, etc.  We had a 'Special' table and I contributed all of the items, materials for the Archiitect M. Priteca, Rabbi Koch's scrapbook, one of Rabbi Levine's boxes showing need for further work.  Plus the music DVD we played, songs by Kathy Barokas, which I had collected as part of an oral history.  The middle picture
shows people attending the event.  The last shows my partners in crime; Nancy who was in charge of locating and displaying all the materials and Howard, who did all of the photo collection.  Several people took the picture of the three of us (including me).  Dennis saved the day by re-engineering the labels which needed work!

It was a big deal but it came off.  It was impressive and well-attended.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Preparation for Deep Dive

As part of the archives committee, we have been working on an event with a trendy name "Deep Dive."  To mark the 50th anniversary of the Jewish Archives at the University of Washington, we are having an event this Sunday featuring items from our archives.  We started with the idea of 50 items, but I think we have almost 200.  It's a huge job to go through the archives and pick out interesting items and keep track of them.  Especially given the complicated interface with special collections.

But we've been working on it.  We had originally planned to set it all up on Saturday.  But now we can't do that.  For a reason that I hope will end up being nothing.  So we spent all afternoon in the conference room, taking everything off the cards, adding the labels, checking them off the list and putting the ones in the same category together.  About 4 hours worth.  Dennis, Nancy, Howard and I.  I took this picture on a water break through the glass window looking into the conference room.

The idea is to draw interest and possibly funds for the Historical Society.  150 people are signed up to come.

A lotta work!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Back to dreidel

Back to December, December 22 to be clear, when we had my daughter in law brought her sister Tara and brother in law Brad over for latkes ... and dreidel.  I also had some brisket and homemade applesauce.  We made lots of latkes (Susanna's specialty) but we could have used some more.  Everybody had enough, I think but more that one person was eyeing that empty dish. 

I'm in the picture in the lower right and my three daughters are across the pack.  Susanna, Naomi and Ilana.  That must have been after Ilana got the streak taken out of her hair.  Danny didn't come to that event.

It was a good time.  I think our latke game we played with Perry was the craziest.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Seattle United for Immigrants and Refugees

Dennis and I worked all day; from before 7 am until we were sent home around 3 pm.  Huge immigration event put on by City of Seattle called Seattle United for Immigrants and Refugees.  In the Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center.  They signed up over 800 volunteers and expected about half of them to actually show.

Because we had low immigration skills and spoke only English, we signed up for Registration.  The huge space was well organized with a lot of thought about the different tasks.  Turned out that Dennis and I staffed a table which all attendees had to pass through.  About 1000 people plus.  Actually that's the number of 'tickets' we gave out but lots of people had family who accompanied them.  I gave out tickets for those working on Citizenship and Dennis gave out tickets for those who came for free immigration consultations with attorneys.  It was about half and half.  A big difference from last year when hardly anybody came for immigration consultations.

We were way so busy.  A large part of the space was set aside for people helping to fill out citizenship forms and attorneys helping.

I wish everybody who supports the current draconian immigration policy would have worked this event or one like it.  The hopeful aspirants who truly want to live here and abide by the laws, often accompanied by family members.  They want to be here.  They are Americans no matter what language they speak or where they are born.  They want to part of a Greater America.  The naysayers would witness the hope and the grit that these these dreamers radiated.

Really worthwhile; Dennis and I picked up a pizza on the way home.

PS Dennis and I both got blue t-shirts.  Our table was at the bottom of the stairway on the right.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Goat cart

I've been working on an event to take place next weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Jewish Archives of the University of Washington.  It's taken many many hours in Special Collections to go through the material picking out items to feature.  A lot of material!

We would like to have more on 'neighborhoods' but it's hard to find.  I did pick out this picture associated with a prominent family. 

Why did I pick it out?

Duh!  The goat cart, of course!  You have to include the picture of the goat cart.

Not everybody agrees with me, I might add.  Picture dates from 1926.  This house in Queen Ann (not known as a Jewish neighborhood) still stands but with much tree and foliage.  In this picture, it looks like all of the woods and forest were removed.  Looks like a brand new house in a new neighborhood.

Shouldn't every family have a goat cart and a goat to pull it?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ilana Stonebraker for County Council District 1!

My daughter, Ilana Stonebraker, is running as a Democrat in Tippecanoe County Council for District #1.  She joins three other women who will also be first time office aspirants.

Campaign logo from sister Susanna soon!

Check out her Facebook page