Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More cemetery drama

So it's going along, actually it's done but what, exactly is done?

Especially working with older people (like me, like my cousin Mary Ann) who, though they've seen it a zillion times, can't quite keep it straight.

So I've come up with the design and the lettering, it will be a raised stone, it will be next to Delia (great grandmother to Mary Ann and I).

We've paid the money (over $1100, ok these things cost).  So I asked Mary Ann to go look at the site again just so we know how things will fit.

I asked on the eve of that giant storm they had last week.  Well, not today, maybe.

So she goes out there and sends me this picture

There are two footstones cleared, Delia is on the right.  So will we be to the left or right of Delia.  I think to the right but truly it does not matter.

But what got me (and her) was the stone in the back.

Waidaminute, I thought it was this one:

Our great great grandparents.  Not Maier but close.  So where's this stone?  It's the one, yes that's the one Mary Ann remembers.  But neither of us can remember where this is.  So, next time Mary Ann goes out there, she will figure it out.

Because, really, I'm going into the old section and I can't change a darn thing.  So it's that kinda rough rectangular stone with the name Weil on it which will be the main stone marking the site.

But what's with the bush???"??  I mean, that's an ugly bush.  Can we lose the bush? asks Mary Ann.  I show it to Dennis.  Who cares about the bush? he says.  Ask John Nolan, the cemetery guy, says Mary Ann.

Is there anything else written on the stone under "Weil" obscured by the bush?

Why were we so confused?  How come neither of us remember the bush?  I've been to Delia's grave a lotta times, Mary Ann many times more.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Us protesting last week

Last week, Dennis and I went for a half-day protest in Olympia with NARAL about abortion rights.

Olympia, as usual, was sleepy.

The photo shows the group (somewhat diminished) towards the end of the day sitting on the steps of the rotunda in the the Capitol building.  You can see Dennis and me way up in the upper right.  Dennis in the red sweatshirt, the top of his head almost cut off.  I'm to the right with a pussy hat (thank you Colette!) on partially obscured.

We have just been standing in the rain for an hour or so.  Which explains our somwhat bedraggle demeanor.  That seems to be how it is  protesting and marching in the Northwest.  Now the Women's march was good weather; everything since involves standing in the rain.  Getting cold and wet.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Battling Bob!

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announcing today that he will ask a ruling on the new version of the Travel Ban claiming it's unconstitutional.  Several states are joining in this motion. Bob Ferguson was behind the first version granted a stay by Judge Robart here in Seattle and then in the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.

My hero!

Yeah, that guy is from MY Washington state.  Took Trump on with the "Muslim Ban" and won.  Last time only Minnesota went in with him.  You go!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Woke up this morning and saw this in the paper.  Somebody defaced part of the old sanctuary, the portion of the old building left standing at Temple De Hirsch Sinai.  They wrote "The Holocaust is Fake History."  I am furious!!  Nobody goes marking up my Old Sanctuary!  The police are investigating this as a hate crime.  Apparently somebody in the neighborhood covered up with a sheet marked Love Wins.

The head rabbi, Rabbi Weiner, said "

“It was a very sweet gesture and touching, but we took it down … I think it’s extremely important that people see this.”

Apparently the message on the sandwich board announces that they will keep up the graffiti so that all can see it; we will not hide it.

It's true, this infuriates me.  I have not called up the temple and I'm pretty peripheral.  But I do not want anybody messing with this!  NO!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

NARAL rallly in Olympia

Dennis and I went down to Olympia to participate in the NARAL (supporting reproductive freedom) event and rally.  Most of it was inside but we did have a rally on the steps.  I took the picture which means I'm not in it.

It was cold; it was rainy.  I am so tired of cold and rainy; especially protesting outside in cold and rainy.  It's sunny right now this second, whatttt?

What struck me in our small group discussion prior was that almost all of the women first got medical care and birth control from Planned Parenthood.  And they appreciated those services mightily.

So much to protest, no much to do.

We've agreed that supporting the undocumented immigrant community is an important focus.  We were both affected by our participation in the modest monthly protested at the immigration prison.  All people living in the US are covered by the Bill of Rights, including due process and there is NO place for an invisible secret police.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ilana's student meet Lafayette's mayor

Ilana brought some of her Purdue students to meet with the mayor.  Here he is, sharing information with the business school students.

A year or so ago, Ilana brought her brownie troop also to meet the mayor.  They were so impressed that they actually got to meet the mayor.  They also expected that President Obama surely would also come to meet them any minute now.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Indivisible Constituent-led Town Hall

Tonight, Dennis and I attended a very well-attended (800+ people?) town hall for our senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.  But the senators (both democrats) were not there.  They had chosen not to hold a town hall during the recess.  So, as Robert Reich suggested, the constitutents, in this case, Indiviisible North Seattle held on on their behalf.  Invited them to come.  They declined, didn't even send staff, though our congresswoman did send a staff member.  They were represented by their pictures in the chairs.

We held the town hall anyway.  Very well done, pretty rollicking actually.  I happened to see it on a twitter feed this morning.  We decided to go.  Parking looked like a problem, the bus iffy.  But they had a carpool option.  I went for it and we ended going down with some of the organizers which was actually more fun.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

John Lewis

Today Dennis and I had the opportunity to hear John Lewis, the civil rights leader and Georgia congressman speak at UW.  Very inspiring.  He appeared with his co-workers on his graphic novel "March".  Also got to hear the popular UW president Curci (sp) speak; We also enjoyed her introduction.  I realized that I had never seen or heard one of the civil rights leaders appear.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This year's chocolates

By popular request I am posting a picture of this year's chocolates from Chocolate Man.  A little late in arriving but they're here!