Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ilana at Powells

Spent the day in Portland with Ilana, looking for coffee shops and going to Powell's book store.  I can see why everybody loves that place.  It was fun but exhausting.  We ate a ton and had our little book club.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Scary place, scary pose and especially scary lack of image quality.

We came to Eugene and went to a softball game and the now Historic Howe Field.  Only people we recognized was Becky S and Assistant Coach Chelsea S both greeted us warmly.  Great game if you are an Oregon Duck and not a Washington Husky.  Oregon mercied Washington in 5 innings plus Cheridan Hawkins pitched a perfect game.

Then we considered our favorite things to do in Eugene.  Had the leisurely dinner at the Glenwood, went up to Hendricks Park to look at the rhodys; a little early some good magnolia action though.  Then to Dorris Ranch to look at the creepy filbert trees at dusk.  What can be creepier than that.  Capped off natch by the trip to Prince Puckler's ice cream.  As Dennis has said, no trip is complete without a trip to Prince Puckler's.  The Obamas stopped there on a campaign stop in 2008.  It's a very modest place but anybody might be in there.

OK Dennis and I were fooling around about the creepy filbert trees.  I don't know any way of fixing this image just this second.  We were having fun..

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The cornerstone

The good news...I submitted the short scrapbook paper.

The cornerstone; work has got to be done on this cornerstone.  On the old Mishkan Israel building built in 1896.  Now a magnet arts school.  They made a big deal when they laid this cornerstone.  The excerpt from the newspaper mentions what was put in the cornerstone.  Including a history of the congregations, some newspapers.  So it's history year at Mishkan Israel (New Haven).

So I ask Mary Ann, what about the cornerstone, did they ever get the stuff out of the cornerstone?  Mary Ann tells me, oh yes, she saw a newspaper article from years ago that they took the stuff from the cornerstone.  Probably when they sold the building in 1960.

So where's the stuff?  I think there's a history written by Maier Zunder.  I want it.  Or at least to look at it.  So I have my contact for the History celebration.  I'm meeting her on the first day that I'm there to see if we can see pictures of the intact stained glass before it broke and was put into the rotunda of their new place.

She's never heard of the cornerstone.  What?  How can you never have heard of the cornerstone?  OK, I do have an admission, when you crest the 20th century, my history gets real vague.  She bumped it up to the rabbi.  I cannot find the newspaper article.  Did my Genealogy Bank subscription expire?  What?  I gave them like $100.  For two years; maybe two years ago.

So, somewhere is the stuff from the cornerstone.  I'm a gonna find it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Planning a blogging unit

In about a month, we'll be visiting Naomi in Phoenix.  We've been talking about planning a blogging unit for her 4th grade English Language Learners.  Maybe set up a new blog.  Have pictures available.  The idea would be for the kids to do their own blog posts.  Maybe we would just have time to do one as a group.  If we have time, encourage the kids to do their own and we'll put them up.  Naomi says the kids will be thrilled to have Ms. Barnes' parents there participating in the classroom.

I'm almost ready to submit my Research Notes piece about the scrapbook.

Picture of her school in Glendale; part of the greater Phoenix area.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cotton States and Interntaional Exposition

1895 in Atlanta.

I'm back to the scrapbook again.  And I'm very pleased to say that I've made great progress today.  It's down to 1562 words; my editor said "1000 words but I'm flexible" so I'm on the right track.  It had to be re-ordered and re-focused.  Especially when you consider I started at 5300 words.  It's all making sense now.  Next step is to have Dennis look at it as I have really twisted and turned this WORD document.  Under the category 'felonious use of a spreadsheet.'

But looking through it, I picked out this postcard from the Cotton States and International Exposition held in 1895 in Atlanta.  Above it is a telegram to Mina Zunder from Maier stating "All well, stop at the Leland had fine trip"  Don't know what the Leland is.  But apparently Maier went on the trip and sent this postcard back to his wife.

Underneath it is a photograph of the midway at the Expoisition.  Apparently known for Booker Washington's Atlanta Compromise speech which I had never heard about before.  From Wikipedia.

The Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition Speech was an address on the topic of race relations given by Booker T. Washington on September 18, 1895 at the exposition. The speech laid the foundation for the Atlanta compromise, an agreement between African-American leaders and Southern white leaders in which Southern blacks would work weekly and submit to white political rule, while Southern whites guaranteed that blacks would receive basic education and due process in law. The speech was presented before a predominantly white audience[9] and has been recognized as one of the most important, influential, and controversial speeches in American history.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A pretty tulip picture

Stole this picture from a friend of a friend on facebook.  It's just so pretty.  We haven't participated in this unique western Washington activity.  The tulip fields in the Skagit Valley, just north of us. They bloom than the growers sell the bulbs.  Or something.  I guess we've never figured it out.  You wander through the Skagit Valley looking for some crowded muddy place.

Actually I love the Skagit Valley.  Love driving through it, agricultural landscapes, rural views with mountains in the background.  Just real pretty.  Always enjoy that ride if we're on our way to Anacortes or Fidalgo Island.

Lovely picture by a Facebook user Heidi Hawkins.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Avgolemono soup

When we go to our local Greek/burger/breakfast place, I love to order their lemon rice soup.  Avgolemono.  Comfort food, for sure.  I've always wanted to make it.  So this is my first attempt and I have to say that it's pretty darn yummy. Not quite as golden yellow.  There's no dairy in this soup.  I made a fairly straight chicken soup.  Then you whisk together eggs and fresh lemon juice; add some broth whisking and then incorporate it into the soup. 

Proof that anybody can make it.  We'll probably go and have burritos this evening.  But if not, we can stay home and eat this great soup!

Friday, March 20, 2015

And Ilana got a new haircut

Ilana and a friend went to Chicago to work on her China visa,  She went to some special haircut place and got a new haircut.  With a trendy gray streak.  Many people have un trendy can't help it gray streaks.  She assures me that this is very current.

Myself, I do have to remember that you have to have sufficient hair to have a new hairstyle.  Which I, unfortunately do not have; now or in the past.  Not likely to change for the better, either.

I'm coming out of this flu.  I bought all my plane tickets for our upcoming complicated trip. Including one for my sister.  So, the next project is to feel well enough to work on that scrapbook paper.

Dennis doesn't know it but I've declared it a takeout night.

But cute picture of Ilana!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Naomi went to LA

Naomi took a road trip to Los Angeles from Phoenix.  Sounds like she had a good time walking around downtown Los Angeles on her own.  She did consult with me from time to time about how to get places.  Which was fine.  She went to Olivera Street and Chinatown.  The next day she went up to the observatory at Griffith Park and found the HOLLYWOOD sign.

From her pictures....

Sorry from the break...I have that nasty flu.