Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Picture of Stolperstein

People post new information on the joodsmonument.nl every day.  This site is for remembrances and information about those murdered in the death camps from The Netherlands.  My family were from Baden (next to France) but were in Amsterdam when they were taken away.  This is what a stolperstein looks like.  Very tightly controlled what goes on it.  10 inches square.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


I am considering requesting a Stolperstein (a stumbling stone) for the members of the David Baumann family.  This project put on by a European artist commemorates Holocaust victims by setting stones with their names and dates usually in front of their last residence.  Throughout Europe and across the world.  The name itself even as an antisemitic background.  When someone stumbled on a cobblestone, there must be a Jew buried there.  This man, Gunther Deming installs all of them and there is somebody else who makes them all by hand.  As of 2014, there were 40,000 installed so many more know.

If you want one for Amsterdam, there's a wait of 4 years.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

David, Martha and Lothar Baumann - we must remember

A picture of the Westerbork Transitcamp

Today I got some more information from the people at the organization joodsmonuument.nl about the fate of some of my relatives.  David Baumann was my grandfather's first cousin.

The information I got today was regarding their arrival and departure (not Lothar) at the Westerbork Transitcamp where the Jews and others being deported were brought.  The trip to the camps in Occupied Poland (Sobibor and Auschwitz) took 3 days.  Most were gassed on arrival. 

Not a pleasant three day trip, you can be sure.

Here is the latest narrative that I have:

Apparently they took Lothar first, in 10 July 1942; he went to Westerbork. I don't know when he left Westerbork, He died in Auschwitz 30 Sep 1942
Then they took David (who had lost his son) 10 Jun 1943 to Westerbork. He stays there 3 days. He is at Sobibor about a month before he died.
Then they took Martha (who has already lost her son and husband) 17 Nov 1943 to Westerbork. She doesn't leave until 25 Jan 1944. Since she dies 28 Jan 1944, we can assume she was gassed on arrival.
I am glad that Martha did not have to endure the January freezing weather in Auschwitz. Though she probably was plenty cold in Westerbork.

Here's a picture of Lothar Baumann , dead at 16.  We must never forget him!!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Big Cranes

It's hard to write over Lothar Baumann.  Of Blessed Memory.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my brother made a special request.  He wanted to go down to the port with the giant cranes and the high piles of cargo containers.  Harbor Island, the Duwamish.  Between Seattle proper and West Seattle.

Why not?  Never been down there.  What can you really get close to?  Seemed like an opportunity to have some interactions with security personnel.

So here we are just a chain link fence from some of the really big cranes.  It was hard to tell if the day after Thanksgiving was a holiday or not.  Pretty deserted down there.  But big trucks continued to go through the security gates and go do something.

Cold and damp, it's Thanksgiving in the northwest.  I took the picture, you can see Charl, Dennis and my sister Pam roaming around, looking suspicious,

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lothar Baumann

Lothar Baumann (1826-1942) died at Auschwitz 1942.  16 years old.  My mother's second cousin two years younger than her.  They didn't know each other.  He lived in Amsterdam with his father David Baumann (died in Sobibor 1943) and his mother Martha Baumann-Weis (died in Auschwitz Jan 1944)  Who knows the details? Nobody.

I knew David Baumann had died but didn't know about the others.  The young Lothar just breaks my heart. Just found this Netherlands website Digital Monument to the Jewish People.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Pam buys her pops

My sister Pam and brother Charlie visited this weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Pam had been planning to buy pops for herself and other Indiana folks for many months. Her plans included a sizeable purchase, almost two dozen pops.  When we went in, Susanna was working.  Pam's gaily placing her order.  She bought the whole shipping rig and we bought dry ice at Fred Meyer (now we know how to get it).

Charlie decided he would buy some for himself, he bought six just to eat here.  He miscalculated his day.  The plan was to leave early Sunday so no pops on Sunday.  He tried mightily.  Dennis offered to wake him up for a 3 am popsicle.  I think there's one left in the freezer downstairs.

Pam was very happy to make her purchase!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2017 Thanksgiving group

Our Thanksgiving group 2017.  As usual (with help), I pulled off a complete Thanksgiving dinner for 13 on time.  This picture was taken at the end including some errant dessert and escaped dishes.  Dennis took it with a timer and a tripod.  I know that these pictures start all looking the same.  We'll be able to tell them apart with some grandchildren included!

I was happy to host my siblings, three out of four of my adult children and some of their friends.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2007 Thanksgiving prep

We're coming on Thanksgiving.  My brother and sister arrive tomorrow and  then, the traditional Thanksgiving day is the next day, Thursday.  When we will have the traditional dinner.  Here we are getting ready ten years ago.  I'm dating that because our exchange student Gowoon is in the picture.  She was here when Dennis' mom died which was 2007.  Ilana is also in the picture (ten years younger)  A lot of these items will be in play this year.  Naomi will come early to polish the silver.  I'm giving Charl the job of making the horn of plenty.  We will likely use the same tablecloths and blue dishes.  Works every year!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Angels in America

We're reading this in my class.  I've read the whole play, realizing that I'm not quite getting it.  It's so hard to explain.  Or understand.  Mike Nichols directed a movie, 5 hours long.  We had the first disk so we saw the first half (close to 3 hours.)  Have to wait for the other disk to come.  I've pulled Dennis in.  He thinks the next disk will come on Wed.  Oh yes, sic it on my unsuspecting brother and sister, unaware.  Probably not.  It's weird enough.

Very interesting to hear what my prof has to say.  He sent some really interesting introductory material.  Pulitzer prize about AIDS in America in the 1980s.