Sunday, May 1, 2016

Word Picture

Naomi made this word picture from my blog.  Though I think it's just 1 particular entry.  She's supposed to have an interview for her possible teaching job in Korea.  Soon.  Hope this all works out!

Next weekend, on Mother's Day, my kids around here and their partners (Danny, Jessica, Susanna, Megan) will come over here next Sunday (Mother's Day) to plant my containers.  If I have the plants and the dirt and everything together, it doesn't take long.  And I'll buy pizza at the end.  I asked Melina, my grandaughter, if she would like to come.  She said yes.  We'll see if she comes; she's done it before when she was younger and, at that time, thought it was a lot of fun.  She was in charge of the hose to water the newly planted pots.  But we have not seen her very much these last two years.  But I'm not giving up on her....

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thirty under thirty

Zagat, some kind of entertainment site did a "thirty under thirty" featuring thirty young people under thirty who are influential in the Seattle food scene.  And here's our girl (Megan, my future daughter in law) with her Seattle Pops,  Here's the link

Way to go Megan.  Pretty soon, we're all going to work for Megan.  Already her dad and her sister.  Naomi this summer.  And who can tell who might be making popsicles?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Karen and the art bridge

My friend Karen after her drumming weekend.  I'm  proud to call her my friend.  We're part of a writing/support group that formed after the very first class I took after my mother died; Guided Autobiography, a community college extension class.  Afterwards the five of us (really now just three) decided to keep meeting.  Six years ago and still growing strong.  We come from very different backgrounds and we would not have been friends without  this writing class.

She's working on getting together art classes for adults with memory loss.  The art has turned into a passion for her.  They're giving some classes for free to start out and sounded like they needed some bodies.  I volunteered to come.  Saturday afternoon at the library.  She's got great ideas; she had a great project all ready to go.  The inspiration was Monet and paintings of the bridge in his garden.

It's always fun to do art projects.  Don't worry if you're not an artist of 'no good at it!'.  One lady came and brought her mother.  We all did the project.  After it was over, the lady said that her mother hadn't talked so much for a long time.  Karen was very pleased.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Passover is all around me

If quietly.  Ilana is holding her passover seder this evening in Indiana; projected guest count 5.  She posted a picture of her table.  Naomi is also holding her passover seder in Arizona; projected guest count 10.  No other Jews at this one.

Last night, Dennis and I attended an orthodox seder.  13 people.  To the orthodox, the passover seder is not a fun holiday event, it's something that God obligated you to do, thus you must do it.  It does not matter how long it takes.  This family has 5 grown children,  w have 4.  I think they only had 1 of their grown children there.  Because it's Friday night, the husband of the house was at shul and the seder doesn't start until he comes home which is unknown.  So it didn't get started until 9 pm.  It rolled along, a lot of chanting but a tone of happy celebration.  But the charoses didn't hit until nearly midnight and the meal was served at 1 am.  Because it's an obligation to fit in with other obligations, you fit it in as best you can.  Ended shortly before 2 am and I know they zoomed through the end.  But I cannot remember when I've stayed up so late.  OK, yes I do, last year in Santa Cruz.  Sometimes, it  felt a little like a ghost ship.  A lot of chanting by the leader leading a table of snoozing adults.

Anyway, I'm so grateful for the invite Dr. H.  It really was great and I so appreciate it.

As I  reflect, I can see that it was more an activity a doing rather than a beautiful seder table.  As Dennis says, just skip the meal.  That was my mother's idea,  By 1 am, I wasn't really wanting to eat anything!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Special Necklace

My sister and daughter went in and bought this special necklace for my birthday.  I really like it!  Part of the stones are azurite, which, if you're reading this blog, you can figure out why they would pick this out. Plus turquoise is my favorite color which is why I've gone with azure.

It's lovely.  Reflecting, I'm not sure that I've ever received or purchased myself a new piece of jewelry.  Now I can remember, not too long ago, I purchased a silver piece to be worn on a necklace from Helen when she was closing her Native American art gallery.  Other than that.

Anyway I really do like it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Got me a seder invite

Yikes a whole week since I've written.  I got something that Dennis brought home from work.  We have both been so sick.  He's better; I'm getting better but not there yet.

But in some positive news, we've got a seder invite.  Yay!  I've hosted a seder before but with my best daughter cooks not around, it's hard to take it on myself.  I didn't have that much connection with the Jewish community.  So I would wait until something would come my way.  Or not.  Dennis says, with all of your work in the Jewish community this past year, you think something would work out.

And so, this year, something has.  My eye doctor, with whom I have a lot in common, is Orthodox.  She had called Naomi as Naomi did owe her some money.  Naomi had so many questions because she's going to host. What about this?  What about that?  Dr. H said if Naomi was in Seattle, she would invite her to theirs.  My mom needs a seder, Naomi says, no Dr. H said of course she's invited.  I've known here for many years, we both have a lot of kids, she both have New Haven connections, we just always have a lot to talk about,

This Seder will be all out Orthodox, doesn't start until it's dark, not until after 8 pm.  But we'll do it and are grateful.

This is one good thing about hosting, you can invite people, that's a fun part.

Picture from a white house seder.  I always get a good feeling from these.  Not like some Christian seders which always seem to have a mocking patronizing tone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Garden Bazaar

I've looked a little closer at the doings of the brand new Ladies Auxiliary of Temple De Hirsch.  The congregation was formed in May 1899 and the Ladies Auxiliary formed itself in September.  Originally they only wanted to include unmarried women, these young women wanted the organization to be their own.  But that didn't work as, during the first year, a number of them married themselves so that requirement was dropped.

But they were ambitious; those women could raise money like you can't believe.  They wanted a building and they announced and elaborate Garden Bazaar for November of that same year 1899..  According to my sources, this event raised $3200 which provided for most of the money needed to purchase the land outright at Marion Street and Boylston Ave.

This Bazaar has a similar format to the one given in 1905.  I'm sure Temple De Hirsch wasn't the only 'church group'; who put these on.  If I had more time, I would see how their bazaars compared to those that other church groups put on.

Most all information is from newspaper articles.  Not much records remain in the archives.  An ad and a drawing, both from the Seattle Times.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wall of names

One of the features of the new stadium which lists all of the 'letterwinner' players along with some information.  If you were an All-American your name is in yellow (see Jenn Salling).  If you were all-conference, your name is in solid letters (see Suzie Barnes).  Else, your name is in smaller letters.

Unfortunately to get any kind of contrast to take a picture, you have to stand in front of the wall.  So you get the stout mom taking the shot.  Should have somehow gotten a pic of all the names.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The assistant coach and the volunteer assistant coach of the Oregon softball team gave us a short tour of their fabulous new stadium and facility.  The Jane.

Short for Jane Sanders Stadium.

A whole two story building just for softball.  Who knew that was possible.  Howe Field was good in its 1930s way but time for it to go.

They built the whole thing in 10 months and today, Wednesday, there was plenty of work going on.

Glad to see Chelsea and thanks for the tickets.  It was a great time down in our favorite town, Eugene.