Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Same theme - good news

Johanna-Jenny Larsson - Page 191 -

Whoo got some good news today.  I've submitted my fund-raising fair three times to Pacific Northwest Quarterly (scholarly journal published by Dept of History).  Twice it was rejected but always with a chance for review.  Both times, the editor did not feel it was of sufficient quality to send out for review.  So I've been working on it for eight more months, I mean a lot.  I've had my writing group review it plus a professional editor.  I've really added a lot of historical context to it.  I just couldn't look at it any more and submitted it again.

Today, I heard back from the editor; he said it was much improved.  He wants me to make some changes to it and then he will send it out for review.  That doesn't mean it's published but I got through another hurdle!!! 


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

So now it's me

This picture, from last month, at the faculty lecture I put together.  I put up another picture a month or so ago with our speajer.  But Dennis took another picture of me introducing the speaker.  The colors all match, pink, and black.

Later, I thought, well here I am, lecturing at the University of Washington.  Not really, of course, but kinda.

Our fundraising is going well.  Almost over but we've raised at least $2670.  Enough to fund the scholarship. Included two $500 matches.  It's all good.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cincinnati cemetery

On my recent trip to Cincinnati, I accompanied my friend to the Jewish cemetery so she could visit her family's gravesites.  Especially her mother's who had died 25 years ago.  She had not been back since.  She is the great granddaughter of very eminent rabbi.  We saw his stone, Isaac Mayer Wise, actually an obelisk.  We also looked for the May and Stadler families.  We found them.  Here you can see her looking for other family members.  It's customary to put a pebble on the gravestone to show that you have been there.  It was hard to find a pebble, she had to go out to the street to find some.

Very similar to Mishkan Israel in New Haven.  I didn't mind.  It's what you do; you go to the cemetery.  Now she says, of course I am coming back to visit my mother.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Trip to Cincinnati

Earlier this week I returned from a 3 day trip to Cincinnati where I attended a Synagogue Archives conference at the American Jewish Archives.  I went with a friend from the Archives committee here at the Washington State Jewish Historical Society.

The trip turned out to be more significant for me than I anticipated.  I always knew that Hebrew Union College, the school which trains rabbis for the Reform Jewish movement, was in Cincinnati.  And that the American Jewish Archives was there.  But it never occurred to me to actually go there.

But once I was there, I felt it meaningful and rewarding.  Just to be there in the center of the American Reform movement.  A library, museum, the school all there.  And the lovely archives building remodeled in 2004.

The first picture was a session in the central reading room.  Very attractive.  We also ate in there and the food was delicious!  Not sure if it was kosher but pretty close.  No meat was served but some fish.

The second shot was the actual Archives building.

I'm so glad I went.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beautiful fall colors

It seems like the fall colors shine so much more vibrant around here this year.   Today, I took this picture of a beautiful bush right by the walkway at UW.  Hope I can capture just some of the subtle colors of this otherwise unremarkable bush.

I ran an Access student meetup.  13 people came; it was successful.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Picture from Soft Opening

Way back in August, Seattle Pops had a soft opening the day before the opening, really a party for family and friends.  Free popsicles for everybody.  Megan sent me this picture of the families in front of their Wallingford mural.  The couple Susanna and Megan in the center.  Dennis and I on the left, Megan's dad, Dave and sister Lindsey on the right.

It was a fun time and a successful opening.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I (really my group Access Student Resource Group) is participating in a crowdsourcing fundraising event.

Check it out

You could even give us some money (credit card or send check) 

We've been running this organization on a zero budget (other than our checking account).  There's a lot you can do for free as a Registered Student Organization.  But we decided we should have a real treasury and, to give back to the university, set up a modest scholarship fund.

So this is the latest.  You make one of these thingies that go on their page and you let people know and maybe you get money.  We intend to keep all of our money within UW.  We don't want to set up a checking account and the alternative would be a manilla envelope full of cash.  Or no cash as it has been during the last year.

No cookies, no coffee, free rooms.

We struggled putting up our page.  John, the vice chair and I made the video with Dennis as Director/Producer/Cameraman.  I know I look like a squirrel spitting marbles but I had gotten my hair fixed that day.  You have to have a video; we made it one day this summer..  But we somehow we got it up, not perfect, don't expect the fonts to match.  Whatever, we did it.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Protesting Betxy De Vos

Last night Dennis went with Naomi ( public school 1st grade teacher), her roommate Jackie (public school fifth grade teacher) and another teacher at Jackie's school to Bellevue to part of a protest against a speech made by Betsy De Vos, the education secretary (in case anybody didn't know).  She made a speech for a pro-business think tank.  She supports alternatives to the 'failing government schools.' Public schools are not failing and most of these 'alternatives' involve for profit organizations and Christian control.  Nope, nope, nope

Friday, October 13, 2017

Prof. Findlay lecture went fine

It all went smoothly, really good.  We had around 30 people come, at least enough to make a dent in the room.  I was formal in my introduction.  Prof. Findlay, etc.  Though in his class, he made it clear that he wanted to be addressed as John.  But he was dressed up himself.

He talked about the Initiative process in the western states.  I thought it was interesting especially remember some of those in my memory.  Not something that's talked about much.  Afterward, he told me that this gave an impetus to review and revise this chapter and thanked me for inviting him.

I thank him for coming!!

Picture too by Dennis with his cell phone.