Monday, January 15, 2018

Have to skip Women's March this year

The women's march is happening again this year.  I was fortunate to have this group for last year.  I think we started pretty near the end at Cherry Street so we walked a fair number of blocks but nothing like the people started at Judkins Park.

But I can't do it this year even though the march will be substantially shorter; starting at Cal Anderson park on Capital Hill.  So it will likely go down Pike then on 4th to Seattle Center.

But this year I've had trouble with my knees and, for the last few weeks with my ankles and feet.  Even more hobbled than usual!  Today I found out that the ankle swelling is NOT related to anything cardio, whew that's a relief.  I'm looking into some other treatments and upped the appt for my physical med doctor.  But I don't really feel that I can go out there and walk the route.

Once you start out with something like this, you have to keep going!  I just don't feel like I can do it right now.  Feeling kinda sad about it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Where's my Roy Cohn?

Today after class, I walked a few blocks with my professor.  I had been chatting with him about the movie (part of it anyway) Chaplin's "Modern Times."  None of the students had mentioned the main character's transformation after being stuck the the works of the machine.  He came out dancing and singing.

He mentioned the class last quarter and how, sometimes, he wish that he had that same class.  If only just to witness.  I immediately picked on what he meant.  Just a few days, President Trump,demanded "Where's my Roy Cohn?" meaning that he wanted an attorney, a fixer, who would make all things right, loyal to him.

The last quarter, Prof. Butwin assigned "Angels in America," the plays about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.  Dennis and I watched the movie and he showed a lot of it in class.  Roy Cohn, played by Al Pacino in the movie, was truly a bad despicable guy, a villain, dying of AIDS which he insisted was liver cancer. Truly devoid of ethics, he prided himself on being able to manipulate things in his favor.

Roy Cohn, worked for Sen. Mcarthy, also behind the conviction of Ethel Rosenberg (who shows up in the movie to haunt him).  Later disbarred.

So why, why would anybody, anybody with any scruples cry out "Where's my Roy Cohn?"  Who would do that?  Prof. Butwin and I shake our heads, can't hardly believe it.

Picture about with the two of them.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Seattle Pops has a party

The other night, Seattle Pops have a party for their employees.  It's very seasonal; this might be a good idea to motivate people to return for the warm weather season.  Which will be here before you know it.  Well, maybe a long time around here where the cool spring can last 6 months.

I heard they made gingerbread houses in teams.

Megan is in the center front.  Naomi to the left of here; Susanna on the very right of the first row.

Bet you can't pick out the always flamboyant Gustavo...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A welcome grad party

The other evening, I attended a grad party in a local soccer pub.  For a friend's daughter who had graduated this semester from Washington State University in their online program.  See that rope around her neck, that's a cum laude cord.  She lives in the Bay Area and works as a store manager.

This family were neighbors back in the day.  This young woman went off the rails when she was 13 and her parents struggled to get her back.  I won't go into the messy details but drug use was definitely involved along with many different other acting out behaviors. and, yes, parent group.  The mom was so sure that she would 'drop out' of high school.  This seemed so shameful to these well educated parents.  Indeed she didn't finish regular high school.

Her mom and I spent many dark nights walking around long blocks with our dogs talking, talking.

But, in this state and others, there are ways to complete your education when you decide to do it.  That's the case here.  So now she has her BA and her parents can throw a graduation party for her.

How could I not go to that?  Congratulations C!  We knew you could do it!  We never lost faith!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Latke dinner

Today is Dec 25, Christmas day.  And I did have a group over here this morning.  I regret that I forgot to do the annual group photo.

But this was last Friday night, latke night.  Susanna loves to make latkes.  So this date worked and, though Hanukah was over, we did a reprise.  Ilana and I had all of the parts of the latke recipe together except for the grating, assembly and frying.  I had put a brisket in the crock pot that morning.  And had made a whole bunch of home-made applesauce the day before.  Though we trebled the latke recipe and cooked them all up, we were perilously close to not having enough.  The latke plate was empty and several people would mind have a few more.  They ate just about all the brisket also.  Afterwards we played dreidel for awhile.  Loud, as usual.  Does anybody remember what the characters on the side of the dreidel are?  Nobody.  Except Naomi.  "Why am I the only one who knows this?" she fumes.  We don't know.

Add Danny and Jessica and Jackie, Naomi's roommate and you have xmas breakfast except we had two tables and table cloths.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Picture project

I, like most other families, am inundated with photos, particularly kid photos.  Right about the end of the the 2000s, everything became digital which presents its own problems.

But my children were born in the 1980s ad I have a ton of kid pictures of dubious quality.

Plus, not only did I have boxes and albums of pictures, I inherited all of the picture albums from my parents and in laws.

So, during the past few years, I've been working on it.  We had boxes of prints and negatives in the envelopes.  I threw away all of the negatives.  I went through all these prints and threw out half of them.  Then I took these hundreds and hundreds of pictures and put them in hanging folders by year (kinda, best guess) in five or six bill boxes.

Still too many pictures.

Ilana and I have been working on this for the last few years.  When she comes to visit.  We started out by tearing apart all of the albums.  Again throwing out half the pictures and started making new albums (sometimes using old albums) for each kid.  We didn't worry about the order, we just did it.  We were up to 4 albums per person and we decided to change tactics.  We finished the 16 albums.  Again, these are not labeled or in order.

We made a trip to the office supply store and bought 4 plastic tubs that can handle hanging folders.  Bought some of those too.  The idea, is that, we would duplicate the idea.  Each tub would have folders with an approximate date and pictures.  We've gone through 2 of the bill boxes.  Again tossing half of the pictures.

This emphasizes the obvious.  Though the family formation got going kinda slowly (jillions of baby pictures of Danny, the first kid).  But then it exploded and it wasn't very many years before there were four.

So, I would go through the pictures and Ilana would put them somewhere.  And ones I liked and there are quite a few, I kept in my own albums.

Then somebody (Matt?  Ilana?) this weekendgot this great idea that we would take the labeled albums, tie them up in ribbon and a bow and make a gift out of them.  Genius.  Matt and I did that this afternoon (first picture).  They're ready to roll.

The second picture shows the picture tub plan in process.  What I have been doing is we pack it up and wait for her to come back again.  We have that big trashed up dresser and we would just stick everything in there.

Do not be distracted by that wall of boxes behind the table.  That's all Naomi's stuff, for her classroom and  her apartment that she packed up before she went to Korea.  Then she moved in with her friend and her classroom was a whole different grade.  She now teaches first grade and that was all for fourth grade.  But help is on the way.  She applied for an apt nearby so most all that stuff can go!

Maybe, I can dream, can't I?

Thursday, December 21, 2017


An important distinction in our house is that I'm chair of the dog committee (Teddy) and Dennis is the chair of the cat committee (George, Starbaby).

All of our current pets are, like us, senior citizens.

George is a large white cat.  We don't know how old he is but getting towards 20 years old.  He's not a starter cat, as Dennis says.  But he is very devoted to Dennis, likes to lay on his chest in the evening.  He's not completely tamed.  I just tell everybody "This is George, he bites."  Only who he knows, Dennis maintains; he has some impulse control issues.

Starbaby, pictured above, a long haired tabby is in her mid-teens somewhere.  She is, goes without saying, empress of all she surveys.  As Ilana says, you can't control this cat, you can't tell her, she doesn't even take suggestions.  Only if it's my idea, she harumphs.  She's little with a huge tail which you can't really see in this photo.  Dennis says "Take away the fluff, the tail, the eyes and the attitude, and there's not much else left.

Usually I feature her only as a sunbathing partner for Teddy but she has her own separate important life.  She does like to play with Teddy, to wrestle with him.  Her favorite setup is she is in a desk chair and he's on the ground.  He 'chews her up' and twirls her around.  If he gets to annoying, she whacks him.

She originally was Naomi's cat and she makes sure that she extra nasty ignoring Naomi when she comes around.

My rules with her are 'no rubbing, no drooling."

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Naomi!

We celebrated Naomi's 28th birthday tonight. She's not in the picture, in fact she just out of the frame at center right.

But the special dinner shows up.  She was missing Korean food (she returned in August from a year in Korea).  So lots of Korean food here in Seattle.  Somebody suggested this place not too far away.  All of her siblings and their partners are in town so we had our core group of nine.

This is the time of year where it does get confusing.  Oh, Tara and Brad are coming on Friday for latkes but not Danny and Jessica.  Oh and Jackie, Will, Dave and Lindsey re also coming on Sunday.  Oh!   Ok....

Monday, December 18, 2017

Teddy doing water therapy

Teddy's been limping for awhile and we've been going through a lot of work with rehab vets.  The good news is that they're are not far away.  The bad news, well you can guess, it costs a lot of money.  I took Teddy to hydrotherapy today and took Ilana (who's visiting) with. 

As usual Teddy can never quite figure out that he's going for a dog treat and pretty soon he is in a bath with a treadmill.  The treats just keep on coming.  He walks on the treadmill.  You can see him here with his 'bathing suit' on.

This is from a video that Ilana took on her phone that she posted on facebook.

Hope it works, so far not so much.