Saturday, October 14, 2017

Protesting Betxy De Vos

Last night Dennis went with Naomi ( public school 1st grade teacher), her roommate Jackie (public school fifth grade teacher) and another teacher at Jackie's school to Bellevue to part of a protest against a speech made by Betsy De Vos, the education secretary (in case anybody didn't know).  She made a speech for a pro-business think tank.  She supports alternatives to the 'failing government schools.' Public schools are not failing and most of these 'alternatives' involve for profit organizations and Christian control.  Nope, nope, nope

Friday, October 13, 2017

Prof. Findlay lecture went fine

It all went smoothly, really good.  We had around 30 people come, at least enough to make a dent in the room.  I was formal in my introduction.  Prof. Findlay, etc.  Though in his class, he made it clear that he wanted to be addressed as John.  But he was dressed up himself.

He talked about the Initiative process in the western states.  I thought it was interesting especially remember some of those in my memory.  Not something that's talked about much.  Afterward, he told me that this gave an impetus to review and revise this chapter and thanked me for inviting him.

I thank him for coming!!

Picture too by Dennis with his cell phone.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Direct Democracy event

Today I'm putting on a faculty speaker for the access group.  My history professor from last spring agreed to speak.  I gave him the pick of subject.  My worry, right now, a little over two hours pre program, still at home, is that we won't have a good turnout.  I've been beating this drum for two weeks,calling in favors, and if everybody comes who said they were coming, I will have 25.  Of course, there may be people that I don't know about.  Last time we did this, last February, we had 55.  But that event just fell in my lap.  Trump just inaugurated, everybody at UW in an uproar.  All of the departments offering special programs.  I had the head of Political Science talking about his thoughts about the Trump administration. 

I don't know how it will turn out!  I have the thank you gift and the notes for my introduction.  It will probably be fine.  As Ilana says, "sometimes the magic happens, sometimes it doesn't."  She puts on lots of events. 

I will write later...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Those germ bombs

I see a gap on my postings here.  Ten days?  Why.  Because I caught what was going around.  Which caused me to cancel all my meetings etc last week.  And miss class.  The problem with cancelling meetings is that they just get re-scheduled.

Naomi disputes this but we all know that most elementary school teachers are sick at this point.  Except the ones who have immunity.  Naomi was over and Dennis really thought that he got it from her.  She denies that she was over here long enough to pass anything.  Could be true.

But I'm sticking to my story that I caught whatever was going around her first grade classroom.

It's happened before regarding what was gong around girl scout camp.

Assigning blame seems better than coughing and sneezing.  I am just glad that I didn't have a job that I had to go to.  People have to go work sick.  I used to say, in these Republican times.  I don't know what you say now.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

New picture of Clara Lederer Baumann

My second cousin Beth Ann Kleiner Block posted this picture of my great grandmother Clara Lederer Baumann.  My maternal grandfather's mother.  She asked some questions and I (and others) answered.  Confession:  I thought I should have that picture because it's my great grandmother.  Until I realized that it's Beth Ann's great grandmother too!  Good thing I realized that before I said something to disgrace myself!

My fundraising fair is finally finally coming together.  Do not ask how long I've been working on it.  I did some more re-arranging and combining, moving things around.  I really feel like it's almost there.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lake Crescent by day

Here's another view of Lake Crescent by the lodge, almost the same spot as the dusky shot from a few days ago.  I just love this lake; I would go there more and stay in the old fashioned upstairs rooms in the lodge.  If I could escape that darn dining room.  I think a small cooler with lunch stuff would work.  There's something magic about that lake; it calls to me.

The lodge was built in 1916,  The highway was built in 1921.  Before that, the many inns and hotels on the lake were reached by ferry.  All but a few are gone.  Their scrapbook mentioned that the ferried came from Port Crescent which looks to be on the Strait of Juan de Fuca or the Salish Sea.  Maybe you arrived by boat from Seattle?  You do feel like you are in a larger more lyrical scenic world by that lake.

We'll be back, who can stay away?

Lots of work on my papers.  Can you believe that I last sent it to my paid editor in February.  Like seven months ago!  And I've been working on it pretty steady.  Recently Dennis read it; based on his feedback, I restructured it.  Sent it to my writer's group.  They sent it back with many many changes.  I spent a better part of the day on those.  Then printed it and read it out loud.  Made 85 more changes!  One more read-through and I will sent it to my paid editor again.  Then, it gets submitted the PNQ and if it gets rejected again, I will find somewhere else for it.  Time to move on!  I have a paper after this one to get out the door.

I'v changed the title "Temple de Hirsch's 1899 and 1905 Fundraising Fairs: Influence from San Francisco and Beyond"

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lake Crescent

Dennis and I just came back from two nights at the Lake Crescent Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula.  I know I've written about it before.  It was supposed to be three nights but the dog had big time tummy trouble including a very expensive visit to the emergency vet.  But he seems to be on the mend now.

I love this lake and I love the Lodge.  What I don't like is the restaurant (over-priced) and the lack of options.  I'm bringing bagels and cream cheese and fruit in a cooler next time.  $40 for an entree?  Really?

But it's a great 1916 wood lodge.  The cheap rooms (which we like the best) are upstairs in the main lodge.  Original.  Shared bathroom, not a problem.  Very homey comfortable place.

I took this picture on the dock last night at sunset.  It's a very wooded beautiful area.  Interesting, the prism across the center showed up on the cell phone camera but not to the naked eye.  I can't figure out if it's real or sorts real.  This is pretty much out of the camera.  Very dramatic.  That lake has so many moods.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

AID NW training

Dennis and I spent much of the day at some training for the immigrant's rights organization serving the the detainees of Northwest Detention Center.  Another organization, Northwest Detention Center Resistance has a political protest point of view.  Marches, protests, chanting, etc.  Another loosely knit group informally known as the Vigilists maintain tables for those visiting detainees.  Mainly church groups, they have food, books, blankets and some gas money for families in distress.

Aid NW has 'welcome wagon,' an RV set up to serve those released from the center.  Usually in late afternoon or at night, the Center releases detainees... in a location in the industrial tide flats two miles from the nearest bus stop.  They have a plastic bag of their belongings, maybe some toiletries.  They are happy, thrilled no doubt, but what now?  So the Welcome Wagon is there to greet the newly released, gives them something to eat and figure their next step, know their benefits, help them make arrangements to go home, wherever that is.  Also hooks them up with local social services.  They also have some short term transitional housing.

On the left is Peggy H, who ran the training and a lot of the organization.  They also run some visitation programs.  Which we did informally, for sure breaking some of the guidelines discussed today.  Aid-NW looks at visitation (visiting detainees) as a bleak activity.

And out very own AG  Fightin' Bob Ferguson has brought a suit against Geo Corp for paying detainees $1/shift for working inside the facility.  They are NOT prisoners.  Go Bob!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Teddy baby picture!

Dennis and I were working on a shared Google Drive issue so I looked for a random picture to drag to the drive.  When I looked at the .jpg picture it was a baby Teddy puppy picture.  He's 3 months old in this picture and he's doing there what he does most all the time.  Laying down right next to me.  Now he's 8 years old; his face is white.  He has elbow dysplasia in his front left leg so he limps (hello rehabilitation vets).  But he's still himself.  His coat had more brilliant colors then and his ears were brindle (now they're dark).  Same baby pie though.