Sunday, November 27, 2016

Visitng some old friends

My brother, Charlie, always likes to go on a ferry ride.  Maybe a little more ambitious, like the San Juan Islands?  If I can get dog babysitting.  Yes, Uncle Dan next door says he can do Saturday.  So that's the day we'll go.  Remember when we used to go visit the B family up on San Juan Island.  We went when the kids were little.  We had so much fun.  Who can believe that they would let us come visit and stay overnight with *four* kids.  They had one son Sam.  But then, the kids got older and we didn't go any more.  And we lost touch.  Hope they are doing well.  It's been a LONG time.  So I get their phone number and leave a message.  And Linda calls back and says Saturday would be great.  Let's go!  So I offer up some turkey sandwiches, yes bring them.  So we go to Anacortes and walk on and Linda picks us up.  Just like the old days.  We had the best time, ate the sandwiches, Bob had some great leftover pie.  It's dark, wet and cold.  They borrow their neighbor's Suburban (with an empty gas tank, natch) and we go on a tour.

We stopped at a beach area, I'm guessing it was Lime Kiln State Park and walked down to the shore.  It's cold and it's wet.  Here are the four of us, adults of a certain age, taken by my brother.  Actually, there's a lovely water view behind us.  We all have our parkas and hoods.  Actually my coat was an impulse purchase at the ferry dock, I now look like I should be directing cars with hand signals.  Says WSF (Washington State Ferries) in big letters on it.  We look like we are having a good time and we are!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I forgot to get the group shot (like I usually do) but here's the lineup at the food table.  We had 10 this years so we moved our dining room table to the living room and put the extra boards in it and set up the portable table in the dining room.

In the picture are my brother Charlie, my daughter in law's sister Lindsey, my other daughter in law Jessica, Lindsey and Megan's dad, Dave, Dennis brother Bryan and Susanna.  Not in the picture are me, Dennis, Megan and Danny.

Ilana had her own Thanksgiving in Indiana today with over 20 people.

Naomi is lost in the wilds of Mokpo, Korea.  I did skype her with Thanksgiving greetings; just talked with her; she's made a bunch of baby booties.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The wedding couple and dancing

Here's the happy couple at their legal wedding, a surprise they did at the send-off party.  And me dancing with Susanna.  Fun!  I was all messed up the next day, guess why!  All that movement.

They will have a small formal wedding in Hawaii in two weeks.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A surprise wedding!

Last night Susanna and Megan held their 'sendoff' party where they rented a funky fun venue in Georgetown (The Stable) and had friends and family come for a party celebrating their upcoming marriage in Hawaii.


They had talked about getting legally married in Washington before they went so they could get Megan on Susanna's insurance.  Plus you can't get a marriage license in Washington and get married in Hawaii.  We thought maybe a courthouse thing.  Or something.

These two like surprises.

So, unbeknownst to me, they planned to have the legal wedding during the party itself.  One reason why Meredith was in town.  So at 9 pm, Susanna called everybody together and showed a portion of the videos that she's made (she's good) and then announced that they would get legally married right then.  And then called Dave (Megan's dad) and me up to sign the papers.  I immediately asked Susanna to ask Dennis up also.

So there I am, up on the little stage, signing the papers as a witness.  It was fun!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hands around Greenlake

Today, I attended an anti-Trump gathering.  The idea was to hold hands around Green Lake.  It would take 2700 people.  I heard reports of 5000 people.  I saw my friend Heidi there, she had somebody take a picture of us and put it on Facebook.  The lower picture is from KIRO news.  I have some pictures but have not looked at them.  A peaceful, unfocused event.  Fun to see people lined up along the lake way far away.  2.8 miles around the lake.  Nice to be with like minded event.  Dennis came with me and he enjoyed it.  We decided to take the bus from Northgate to avoid the traffic.  Which worked, mostly.  Except it took forever.

We all gathered around Green Lake.  And held hands and cheered.

What else can we do?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My blue bubble

I live in a blue bubble.  Check out this map.  I tried to mark where I live with an 'x'.  It's just to the left of the label 'Kenmore' just northwest of the top of Lake Washington.  The dark blue areas are precincts that went Clinton 70% or more.  Blue, blue, blue,  The City of Seattle apparently went for Trump 8%.  Everybody I know is still in shock.  They cannot understand how this could happen.  It's bad news for anybody of color.  Or of a different religious group.  Or a perceived different religious group.  I hope that Trump can deliver on those jobs he promises.  Really it would.  But I don't see how that happens if you just keep the rich people richer.

And can this be true?  The president elect's son in law is running a vendetta against anybody connected with Chris Christie (not my favorite either) because Christie (as NJ Attorney General) prosecuted his father ten years ago involving tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and a bungled plot involving luring his brother in law (and state's witness) into a prostitution contact for blackmail purposes.  Really?  In the White House?  Settling scores with a prosecutor?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pacific Northwest Quarterly

Pacific Northwest Quarterly out of the University of Washington is the leading academic history journal in this region.  I put out a feeler a week or so ago about my Fundraising Fair piece and they  invited me to submit,

Whoa!  I was definitely getting closer to finishing the piece but that meant I had to get it ready to submit, like right now!  My writing group (Anne, Diana, Helen) had read several drafts over the last few months.  Archives Committee members (Susan, Nancy) agreed to read and critique it on short notice.  The Washington State Jewish Historical Society agreed that I could use that affiliation.  I also use 'University of Washington'.  I had to get Dennis to beautify it.  Straighten out my citations.

I was going full blast last week on this even in the middle of that drat election.  Submitted it on Friday, got confirmation of submission today.  They say, on their website, that the process can take six months.

I didn't even ask about simultaneous submission.

This does not mean that the piece is accepted.  It just means that the editor has said they are interested and will read it.  If the editor decides it should go further, it will be sent out for review.

I've just gotten over the first step.

Met with my genealogy group last night.  We all said, regarding the election, "when I stopped crying,"  Various ideas about action.  Heidi says she's taking to the streets.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting in that wedding mood again

I've been going through my jillions of messages in my in box.
And found this one from summer of 2013.

Dennis and me at the dinner part of Danny's wedding.  Hey, not so bad really.  See that dress and that necklace?  Yeah, I'm going to be wearing both of them again on Dec 3 for Susanna's wedding.  In the afternoon in Hawaii.  And in between I wore that dress at Ilana's wedding (though she wore the necklace).  Took *2* hairdressers to work on my loser hair.  Getting my money's worth out of that special occasion on-sale Nordstrom dress.

Susanna will have her sendoff party next Saturday at a venue in Georgetown.
Picture to be taken by my soon to be daughter in law Megan.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Followed by election grief

Remember how I was so anxious and worried  by the election?  And then it happened?  I live in the Seattle blue bubble.  Shocking, still almost makes me nauseous thinking about it.  Everybody I encountered was besides themselves with shock and grief.  They could not believe it; the worst had happened.  How could Donald Trump be president????  Really it's ludicrous!

Not to mention the 4,000 patronage jobs.

If he can make life better for working class Americans, if he can really do it, really it would be a good thing. But I don't see it.

This may sound weird but I am reassured by the mainline Republicans now involved with the transition teams.  Surely these white men (I haven't looked but diversity surely will not be valued) have had experience governing so maybe they can not run the whole country into the ground.

Today, I bought some groceries and I chatted with the young man who put my groceries in my car.

YM:  How are you doing today?
Me: I''m hoping, is the Trump Administration over yet?
YM: (laughing) I know, we're not supposed to talk about it but it's on everybody's mind.
Me: I just can't see that he can do all those things for working class folks.
YM: I think a lot of that was all talk (pauses).   But I'm not reassured.

Yes, we're not reassured.  It's all very very scary.

And who wants to see his family members for four years.  Horrifying!