Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ground penetrating radar

It's the next step.  Trust me on this one.

Now I'm working with the forensics department of the University of New Haven about scanning the cornerstone to see if that copper box is there.  If I have permission, of course...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In honor of UCSC's 50th

Just found this snapshot.  It's not taken at UCSC, but it's from that time.  I think it's 1973?  1974?  In rural Oroville.  Lynn W, who I'm very excited to see this weekend is standing to the right.  I'm in the middle in my early twenties.  Or similar.  If I remember correctly, and I'm sure I missed some details, Lynn and I and maybe a few other friends had this great idea to go to Oroville to a fiddle contest.  Lynn arranged to borrow her mom's car for the weekend.  All set up, we were going to have a great time, other details vague.

Then, at the last minute, the plans changed (as they often did in that family) and Lynn's mom and her younger brother were coming too.  What?  That's not we had in mind!  But we went along, what could we do?  And I think her mom knew somebody who had a trailer somewhere where we could stay.  I really don't remember but I think Lynn's opening up the trailer door.

But there we are.  I think we had a great time once we overcame our initial shock.  Who can remember.  Yes, my hairs in braids there.  Notice, they are teensy tinesy braids.  I never did have too much hair.

No idea who took the original picture.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Anybody seen this young man?.  This picture is over a year old; he's 20.  He's been missing for over a month and his parents are mighty worried about him.  He is an adult and legally can make his own decisions.  He had been living with them and had been away for some days at a time.  But never this long.

If anybody seen him, first name Brett, let me know.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday dinner!

Danny and Jessica invited us over for a birthday dinner.  In their new home!  Susanna and Megan also came.  The picture, of course, of Susanna who sat next to me.  Danny and Jessica made salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus along with a salad.  Very nice!  We brought wads of dessert, some of the bakery cake and Shatila's (see yesterday).  So nice to see how they've already made that condo into their home.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Box from Shatilas

Ilana sent me a box of middle eastern pastries from Shatila's a specialized bakery headquartered in Dearborn MI.  One of those places that you have to go to to appreciate.  A very large bakery in a large muslim neighborhood; a destination for many families looking for a treat.  The bakery itself is in two parts; one with colorful, beautiful french style pastries with lots of chocolate and fruits.

The other part is a somewhat raucous busy display and counter of all kinds of unfamiliar middle eastern pastries.  They do not tolerate visitors so much.  You only have one chance to bellow out your order when it's your turn.  No questions answered. They're all sheets of pastry and sugar and lots of pistachios and cashews.  Different shapes and styles, who knows what they all are.

Everything is priced amazingly low; you can buy a lot of high quality pastries at Shatila's for 10 bucks.

So I'm bringing it up to Danny's house (his new condo!!) along with an enormous chocolate cake Dennis bought.  He and Jessica and Susanna and Megan are cooking a birthday dinner.  Very nice.

Oh and that's ground pistachio 'for decoration.'  How would I use ground pistachio for decoration?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not the original cornerstone?

A picture taken of the former Mishkan Israel in 2012 by Dennis.  The cornerstone I so merrily identified is on the bottom right just above the fence.  But is that really the location of the original cornerstone?  The carving is wrong.  I hope I persuaded Colin Caplan (who would know about this sort of thing) to stop by and look at it and see if the stonework would be consistent with 1896.

I cannot imagine that they took the stone with them.  The rabbi said that, until somebody decided to do something in the 1970s, the historical items from the congregation were just scattered around, stuffed under the stage, etc until somebody stepped up and organized them and donated it to the Colony.

Good move.

Of course, I'm looking for the box which was in the cornerstone.  Could this be a fake cornerstone?

I wonder if the school would know...starting with nothing there.

Picture taken by Dennis 2012 and Mishkan Israel building in 1915

Friday, April 17, 2015

The cornerstone in question

This is the cornerstone in the question. The original Mishkan Israel Synagogue, dedicated in 1896, owned since 1965 by a specialty arts high school.

The specific question - Is there a copper box in this stone containing time capsule type artifacts as described in contemporary newspaper articles.

No indication that the box was ever removed.  Looking at some other cornerstones and boxes at the time, it's pretty hard to get it out.  Involving concrete chiseling.

But here's a mystery that's bugging me.  Both the Register and the Morning Journal from 1896 specifically mention the inscription on the cornerstone "'40-'96"

That is NOT what is here.  Why?  There's no reason for two newspapers to misquote this.  So IS this the original?  I cannot imagine why it would have been replaced.

I'm all hot to somehow scan this cornerstone to see if it contains a metal box.

But why?  Why are there always more questions?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Courtroom drama

Real life better than tv.

I think usually photographs are not allowed in the courtroom.  Maybe because this is a penalty phase of a trial?

This picture appeared in yesterday's Seattle Times.  It's about the sentencing phase of Joseph McEnroe in a mass murder of a family.

That's the prosecutor in the foreground looking all prosecutory.  Tough customer, don't you think?  The slimy sad sack defendant looking all sad sack and weird.  Maybe the judge looks a bit overwhelmed.

OK, all white men, but the photo's got a lot of real good drama

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Zealand beauty

Don't know where this was taken.  I took it from Crown classmate Barry Weingast's Facebook page.  The beauty struck me so strongly.  He's on a trip there; won't be back for our reunion party.  Too bad!

Some discussion in my class today about the immigrant experience and whether education is always good.  Specifically whether the good hearted middle class women's efforts to educate the young immigrant Eastern European women benefited them.  Or were they only training them to be domestics in their own households.  Did that really help them?  Especially when publicly the established organizations worried that these young women would be trafficked into prostitution yet they were funneled into domestic service where sexual exploitation was very likely.

Thinking of the school that Naomi teaches at which serves a very low income densely populated area in the Phoenix area.  99.9% free lunch.  This school rates low on the rankings.  Yet, hearing about her experiences, this school seems very well run with teachers and administrators who work hard and care about their students.  Naomi  teaches in a classroom for children with low English skills.  They often have to trade off the extra time spent on reading and writing English at the cost of other subjects including social studies and science.  Anybody who wants to criticize these schools should spend some time at them.  Dennis and I are planning to visit and present a unit on blogging.