Monday, May 30, 2016

Autobiography of a Yogi

I may be giving a presentation to my class on Wednesday.  Or not.  Each of the students will give a 5 minute presentation on their final paper topic and then get some feedback.  I only get to give my presentation if there's time.  Maybe or maybe not.  I will be disappointed if I don't get to give it.

My topic: Loyal Servant:  How my college roommate became a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda.

I've talked with her a bunch about this and collected her remarks.  I've collected some introductory pictures about us and visuals of the movie Awake and the book "Autobiography of a Yogi," the best known work.  I've read parts of it and started (all 540 pages) it many times.  But this week, to the detriment of my other work, I decided to read the whole darn thing.  And I have.

Quite interesting and even inspirational.  What struck me that he always operated from a position of relative affluence, the scientific subjects (I'm sure that struck the bio major) and his many references to Jesus and the New Testament.  He considered Jesus to be an advanced yogic master.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Folklife 2016

Folklife is a big mutli-cultural participatory festival at Seattle Center every Memorial Day weekend at Seattle Center.  When we were younger, we liked to go a lot.  But it was hard to bring the kids so we used to split with our friends.  Dennis and Perry would go one day.  Laura and I would go another.  But I've stopped going because I just don't like all the crowds. Not enough indoor venues.  But Dennis always wants to go.  Or says he wants to go.  Often doesn't go so much.

But after watching our SIFF movie Kedi (movie about Istanbul and cats, really) right near Seattle Center, the plan was to go over to Folklife.  Weather crummy so really not so crowded.  (Good for us, not for Folklife).  We have a plan to see the Croation Showcase indoors.  Went over and who do I see first off?  Laura, of course!  So we all hung out together for awhile.

Really enjoyed the Croatian show, great band.  Laura wants to go see the Bulgarian Women's chorus at another indoor place.  So we go over there.  First the shape-singers, the what?  Oh wait, we've seen them before.  Pretty odd, note for future outings, no shape-singers.  Then the Bulgarian Women's chorus, pictured, good, Dennis says we've seen them before, we have?  Laura wants to go see some fiddler, she goes off.  Dennis wants to see some Native American dancing and drumming in the same place.  Big red.

We go home.  He wants to go over tomorrow, I dunno.

Oregon won their first game at the Super Regional against UCLA, just one more game and they go to the World Series.

Today, off to Harstene with the rellies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Victoria Falls

I think my blog is turning into a travelogue!

Picture from my friend Mary Ann on an African trip.  She writes:
Victoria Falls is enormous deafening and drenching. It's called smoke that thunders, and that rainbow is not Photoshop!
What a shot!

I think Ilana's now in Bangkok, those beaches looked pretty nice.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kids all over

So ....

Ilana and Matt are in Thailand after her library conference in Singapore

Danny and Jessica are in Maui

Susanna and Megan are (or were yesterday) in Flaggstaff AZ visiting Ann Marie.  The weather was going to be lousy for selling popsicles so they went to visit Ann Marie instead

Naomi still in Phoenix, should be moving back in the next few weeks.

My adult kids are all over the place right now!

Picture of the beach where Matt and Ilana are staying.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our Little Sister

Dennis and I saw this movie (our first for SIFF this year) early Friday evening.  Delightful and sweet.  Japanese movie about 4 Japanese sisters.  I think it's supposed to hit theatrical release, if so, go see it.  There are some tough issues raised, especially regarding abandonment by parents and other family members.  But these sisters show resilience and maybe an unrealistic intention to stay together.  The three older sisters are in their twenties.  They go to their father's funeral, who had abandoned them long before and meet a young teenage half sister who really doesn't have a place to go except from an unattached step mother.  The sister ask their younger sister to come live with them and be part of their household.  Very sweet characters and acting.  This movie does not pass the Bechdel test for men.  Love it!

Friday, May 20, 2016

SSRN sells out to Elsevier

They announced this this week and I just happened to run into it as I was reading a philosophy author who featured his SSRN page on his website so I went to take a look.  Otherwise, I might not have seen it for months.

I used to work for SSRN, I worked for them for 14 years, one of the first people they hired.  For many years, I was a true believer.  I even had a small stake until they forced me to sell out.  I had a difficult time the last few years for many unexplained and convoluted reasons. 

But that was over more than six years so I can say.  When I was working there, I was always very careful to never ever mention my employer though I did write about some of my experiences. 

So they finally got a deal to sellout.  Only took 22 years.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ilana with orchids in Singapore

Here's a picture this morning posted by Ilana.  She's in Singapore at a librarian conference.  She fought long and hard to represent Purdue in this faraway place.  She arrived a day or two early to get adjusted before the conference started.

She's been to MANY conferences.

She went to the botanical garden; took this selfie.  Girl after my own heart.  That's what I would do in a new city; go to a botanical garden.

Monday, May 9, 2016


This picture is Vishnu. the maintainer of the universe, one of the three most powerful gods along with Brahma and Siva.  How do I know?  His skin is blue,  He is standing on a snake and snakes also shade him, he has a conch in his hand.  Often an eagle is involved.

Slowly I am starting to make sense of my Hinduism class.  A few 'South Asian' students are in the class and they have learned about these stories and heroes and adventures through their own families.  The teacher is always asking them what their grandmothers have told them.  These stories are second nature to them.

We've briefly done the Vedic writings, the Upanishads, the Bhagad-Gita, the Ramayna, the Mahabarata, now the puruyanas.  It's all a blur to me; so much Sanskrit, so many unfamiliar names.

I'm slowly getting there.

As we were going through this today, I whispered to the young woman next to me who really knows all about this "Wait a minute, where's Krishna?"  "He's an incarnation of Vishnu," she told me.  Ohhhhh.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Congrats to Teresa

Congratulation to my niece Teresa on her graduation from Indiana University.  Shown with my sister Pam.