Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now and then

Today a now picture, well a now (at least yesterday) for two of my daughters as they finish up their road trip.  And a then picture.

Last I heard they were in Durango and were going to Phoenix via Chaco Cultural Historical Park in New Mexico.  Looked kind of out of the way to me.  I don't know where this picture is taken but it's pretty.  Occurred to me that I didn't really know if they got back, etc.  Talked briefly to Naomi, yes they're fine, yes they got back but it was a very  very long story and can she call me back.  So I don't know what happened but I guess that's ok.

So Ilana posted this picture, it's very pretty, maybe Colorado?

And I was able to work almost afternoon combing through the online special collection items, reading transcripts and looking for photos.  This is the confirmation class of 1936.  Clearly on the steps of the Old Sanctuary.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Really big rocks

Naomi and Ilana are on a road trip in the Southwest.  They've got to be returning to Phoenix pretty soon.   But Ilana's posted some pictures on Facebook.  Here they are next to a Really Big Rock.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patty Hearst

Last night we went to my friend's Diana's 50th birthday party.  Held at an odd locale, light industrial in Woodinville.  A whole bunch of wineries all in a row in really plain light industrial buildings with fancy logos.  It had a 70sa and 80s theme and there was a little trivia contest and the answer to one was "Patty Hearst".  Most of the people there were younger than me and likely not in California as I was.

So I have a Patty Hearst story, a weak Patty Hearst story but still it counts.

I did not get a chance to tell it last night.

So, back in the day, 1975 or whenever.  Patty Hearst, an heiress, had been kidnapped by a radical group, she ended up joining them and she was on the lam for quite a while.

I was working, graduated from UCSC.  I had a (now departed) roommate Sara who was a bit of a hard liver.  Now the Bay Area was cool but we were in Sacramento, a valley town, which everybody knew, was nowhere near as cool.  Plus we lived a bit north and east in a suburb, Carmichael which was even worse.  But we had this really cool adobe house in a eucalyptus grove.  With the funkiest swimming pool ever, it was just cement and you filled it with water and when the water turned translucent green, somebody had to dive in and pull the plug.

OK, back to Patty Hearst.  She's in hiding at this time.  Sara and I are at a laundromat in Carmichael.  Doing laundry I guess.  We're hanging out and Sara says, "Hey, guess what, there's Patty Hearst, over there!"  I looked over and said "C'mon Sara, why would Patty Hearst be hanging out in a laundromat in Carmichael? Really!"  "Still, it kinda looks like her."  I'm not buying it.  "Nah, she would never be here."

Later we find out that Patty Hearst and her SLA buddies were indeed holed up in Carmichael.  That probably WAS Patty Hearst.  There were other sitings but nobody could ever believe it.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Living the dream

The phrase just came to me.  Don't you think it fits this picture?  Actually that's my niece atop that rock, the one in the center.  She's at a field study school in sustainable development in Costa Rica.  They do work hard but looks pretty idyllic.  I did get to swim (or at least wade) in a pond in Hawaii once.

But the world's hers.  Right now.  Enjoy it when you can!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Shell Oil/Bulova Tower

Seemed like I should be able to find tons more.  This is from the paper "Glass and Steel: The Shell Oil/Bulova Tower as a Pshyco-Spatial Aglet at the Canadian National Exposition 1955-1985" by Jesse Alan Munroe published in the Journal of Urban History.

What's an aglet?  It's the metal or plastic tube at the end of a shoelace.  Ok.

At least there's some verbiage of the edifice, now demolished as being defined as part of lived experience of those that interacted with it "made meaningful by their filtration through memory."

I'm still thinking this is harder than it should be.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm still looking for Place references

I'm still looking for a discussion of an application for Edward Casey's construct of Place.  This has been way harder than I thought.  When I was at Writing Group last Sunday, Anne asked me if I had examples how other people had done it.  She completely got where I was going.  I said, that I was looking.  I need to see what others done as I'm out there in wilderness.  Still looking, got some books today from UW library, looking through their catalogs.  Found one that is getting closer, a discussion of elderly populations and their lived landscape in North Cornwall.

As my friend Mark said, sometime ago, "It's like Teru and I are wandering around in the Mojave Desert.  Different parts of the desert."

Maybe some internet blogs, something!  Found this illustration out of Boston Cyberarts

multi-generational dialogue between people whose memories are encapsulated in the built environment and “outsiders” like me who might be interested in learning about the architectural, industrial, social and natural history of the site in its present state.

Getting closer, not there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm still looking for some papers that use Casey's theory of place for a specific site.  There's gotta be some, this construct is 20 years old and well known.  I want to use it for the Old Sanctuary but I want to see some examples before I attempt to do it.  Or before I try to do any interviews.

I emailed my professor of the landscape archaeology class that I took nearly two years ago.  He was on sabbatical and graciously wrote me back; gave me some more people to ask.  It's tough going.

But, as always, I run into interesting things along the way.  Including these interesting Tibetan temples.  From a  book by an important person in the field, Yi-Fu Tuan.  I might try to go back and look at that reference.  I think each square room around the circle is a separate temple.  And check out those eyes!  Didn't notice them before.

Kumbum Gyantse.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Two weddings I didn't attend

Pictures of two wedding I did not attend.  However Naomi is the bridesmaid in Kaylin's wedding, her apartment mate for a year at college.  With the red dresses.  At a rural venue east of Vancouver WA.  Looks nice and the weather was great.

And Ilana attended Adriana and Neal's wedding this past weekend.  Adriana was one of her roomates in Ann Arbor during library school.  This wedding was in Connorsville IN.  Also rural.  And very very hot.  They stayed with us last year when they came for Ilana and Matt's wedding.  All the way from Indiana!

But, as we go into yet another wedding planning cycle, Three in four years, we are reminded that, not matter what the catastrophe (Janine's comes to mind), at the end of the day you are still married.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Plrates of Penzance

Yesterday we participated in our annual trip to the summer Gilbert & Sullivan production "The Pirates of Penzance."  I've been to a lot of matinee performances over the years and if I've ever seen Pirates I don't remember it, Who cares?  It was a fun loud boisterous performance of singing and dancing without much of a plot.  Which may be better than a lot of them that have intricate complicated plots that I can never figure out.  And don't matter anyway.

Dennis with his friends Pat and Fred have been doing this for approximately forever.  They all come plus partners, spouses, kids, friends and whover else ends up being included.  Then we go out for dinner at Mc Menamins which is just a block away.  This time, the Bite of Seattle was going on right therre but who wants all that madness and crowds.

Today is yet another warm day.  I found myself kind of wanting a picnic by the water.  Turns out that Dennis was going to Fremont to see Susanna who was working at Pops.  I went too, there was some good fish and chips.  Dennis and I shared one sitting by the ship canal watching the boats.  Then we generally hung around as Susanna, Megan and Dave sold lots of popsicles to hot attendees of the Fremont Street Fair.

So I had my picnic by the water after all!