Monday, June 27, 2016

Dennis' retirement party

Dennis had his retirement party at work.  And I was invited.  Modest; just fine.  In a conference room, cake,lots of people, story-telling.  Very nice.  Met some of his co-workers, who were very cordial to me.

Terrible phone picture but he's smiling.  The person arranging it had asked me questions, I tried to be helpful.  She got cake with lemon filling and bowls of popcorn.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Savery Secret

My class this summer is in Savery Hall on the main quad.  Many of these buildings look great on the outside but the inside is pretty worn and run down.  This hall, part of the sociology department, has been remodeled and looks pretty handsome inside.  But this nice new classroom (though it does have bolted theater style seats) can be pretty stuffy in the summertime.  Sleepy, drowsy, no good!   Brand new windows that look like they should open.  But nobody can figure out how to open them.  So I call the Sociology department, they don't know, they send me to Classroom support, no they're part of IT something else, they don't know, refer me to facilities, they wonder why I'm calling if it's not an emergency, they refer me to the Building Coordinator.

Who tells me about the secret latches on the inside of the frame, you have to flip those.

Seeeecret stuff

Oh, I will try that on Tuesday.

All of these people answered the phone which is a miracle in itself.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Susanna's design

Susanna creates art all the time.  She did this design (at least the tool drawings) for a local coffee chain.  They selected her design for their Father's Day mugs!  We didn't have one; she didn't have one.  And there's not that many Tully's locations any more.  But there was one and they did have one so, as part of our retirement (not quite yet, but close) lifestyle, we took a ride out there on surface streets and bought the one they had left.  They had another one on the counter that they used to display cookie treats.  Would they sell me that one?  Yes they would.  So now Susanna has one also.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Naomi's selfie

Naomi took this selfie in bed one morning.  She's got some friends in there with her.  On the left is her cat Albert and on the right is our dog Teddy.  Naomi can't move but the pets are happy.

Albert is learning about the outdoors.  We just had to show him the cat door to the garage once and he got it right away.  Like Susanna's dog, Hammie, he thinks the backyard is the GREATEST.

Naomi awaiting her placement in Korea to teach.  Hope it works!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Snoqualmie Falls

Just to show that the hotel publicity does not lie, here's a picture I took this morning from the park overlook.  Snoqualmie Falls.  And, in the upper left, the fancy hotel, Salish Lodge where we spent the night.  The dining room looks right near the top of the falls.  Our room was on the far side of the hotel overlooking the river right before it goes down.  We had a balcony with some chairs.  Lots of waterfall noise.

Very nice 40th anniversary spot!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Forty Years

Dennis and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary which would make us sound old if I thought about it.  It is aome kind of achievement; I know there were times when I thought we were the last married couple around,.

I know among our 5 siblings, there are 8 divorces and only one sibling remains married....

But wait, that's not what I wanted to talk about....we're having two celebrations.  Tomorrow evening we are going to visit this place which is actually not far from Seattle, less than an hour away.  A fancy lodge on a waterfall.  I hope we have a room with a balcony.

Then later in the summer, we're having a celebration weekend in California.  Just found out that my daughter in law can't come.  I know she would come if she could.

Naomi's been working popsicles all week.  Rainy and dark today; not a good popsicle sales day.

We're having  big roofing project done on our house.  Lots of noise and carrying on....

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Fits

We did manage to fit in our last SIFF movie.  I picked "The Fits" which was an intense charming film.  Needs another title.  Funded by a micro-budget program at the Venice Bienalle, it's the story of an 11 year old girl who moves slowly from boxing training with her brother to a hip hop girls drill team.  Part of the plot and the extremely small amount of dialogue revolved around some episodes of hysteria.  But more went on especially as we watch Toni become part of the group.  Excellent.

Dennis and Naomi returned from Phoenix with a U Haul and a trailer towing her car.  Going over small roads and a lot of desert in Eastern California.  But they made it.  Naomi is here for the time being.  She's waiting for a placement to teach in Korea.  Will it happen?  Hope so.  If not, she'll work on getting a teaching job here.  She starts with popsicles tomorrow morning.  Susanna and Naomi's friend Jackie's husband Will (got that) came over to help unload the truck and move stuff around.

Naomi came with her cat Albert.  Unfortunately she is baking already.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flip a Table

It's finals week at the University of Washington.  I've been over there doing my endless work in Special Collections.  Student organizations often have tables in the area between the library and the student union.  A music fraternity had the greatest fundraiser ever.  "Flip a Table".  They set up this old card table and filled it full of books and folders and binders and paper and containers of pens and markers.

For $3, you got to flip it over.  They clean it up.  Relieves stress, gives students a way to blow off energy after finals.  Or just if you wanted to knock over a table of stuff with impunity.

I had to do it.  They took a video on my phone.  I admit I had a hard time physically trying to organize my movements on the approach.  But fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cut Cut Cut

"Jews in New Haven" is going to publish a Volume X after an interval for many years.  So, of course, I have to submit, I mean how could I not?  A problem (maybe an opportunity) is that the very first article of the very first volume (1979)was a pretty decent article about Maier Zunder.  By a still active member.  He was honored today at an event but he was very ill when I was there a few years ago and wouldn't talk to me.

They invited me to submit, 5 pages nor more than 500 words to the page.  Doing the math, that's 2500 words.  I also have pictures that will really add.

My original paper, the one I self-published is about 60K words.  I worked on it a bunch getting into a size I could submit, which I hoped for the Connecticut Cities (didn't happen) to a bit over 10K words.  I've been working on it really all day and I've got it down to 3800 words.  I know I can do it. Get something that they will consider.

Quite warm here.  I have some crows in the backyard, they're just doing the job being good parents.  They must have a nest in the big maple tree.  Every time Teddy goes outside (or me for that matter), the crows start squawking and scolding.  Dive-bombing.  They've been doing it all day.  Can't they get another hobby.  I've told them that it's Teddy's backyard and he can go out there.  They're not buying it.  Not one bit.  He's got hurt feelings.