Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Save the date

Susanna sent out a Save The Date postcard for her December wedding.  I used to think that destination weddings were a dumb idea but this seems the right thing to do.  Mainly because the scale is so much smaller with matching lower costs.  If everybody is at the same place anyway, everything can be smaller and getting everything together at the exact same moment is not so important.  That's one of the hard parts of wedding planning.  When those guests start to arrive, you better have everything all ready to go.

The flowers for Danny's wedding didn't arrive until 45 minutes after it was supposed to start, oh well.

That's so hard, having everythng together.  So many moving parts.  Is the wedding party there?  Are they all dressed like they're supposed to?  What about the wedding couple?  The families?  The visiting family.  The venue, the food, the officiant, the flowers, the cake, the decorations, the photographer, the music.  Is it all right there ready to go?

Any laggards, no shows?  So nerve wracking.

This destination wedding will still be crazy but a lot more relaxed.

They can have their send-off party whenever they want....

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sanders Stadium - can't wait

They are replacing the University of Oregon softball facility.  Howe Field, there since the mid '30s.  Time for it to go; no question.  They're building on the same site.  They started knocking it down after their last game.  The goal was to be able to open the next season in the new digs.  Seems unlikely, but I think they're going to make it.

They have a construction camera on their website.  It's been fun to see it go up.  I'm including a view I took from it today.

We're looking at some trips, some associated with Dennis' retirement.  It won't be all at once, the stop working thing.  It will go part time first.  But we kind of want to make a victory lap in April though he won't completely be done.

Let's go down and see some games at the new stadium!  Maybe the UCLA series in late April.  We want to see the new stadium.  Maybe the asst coach will get us on the pass list.  If there is a pass list.

It's looking good, they already have the outfield grass in.  A real stadium for the Ducks at last.

Can you believe it's been 12 years since Susanna started playing there.  Ancient History!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


This weekend, I'm making great progress on my Old Sanctuary project.  Even though it means a lot of time at the computer, writing and, worse, organizing.  I still have a lot of information that hasn't found its way into the general scene.  If it's sitting out in some folder in the Pictures library, it's not going to find its way into the narrative.

Fortunately, we don't have any Super Bowl obligations.  I would say that it would be a good time to do errands but a lot of people in Seattle have lost interest now that the SeaHawks are not playing.  People around here are STILL talking about that play from last year.  You know the one, give the ball to Marshawn.

I'll feature this picture.  Yes, part of the Old Sanctuary project.  And those who know will immediately recognize it as the work of my brother Charl.  He has a certain style that sometimes I think is overwrought and sometimes I think is genius.  He's somebody who's become an artist later in his life.  His specialty is macro-photography which, looking at the prefix, you might suspect it would be pictures of big things but it's pictures of very little things.

When he was up here at Thanksgiving, we went to temple.  Afterwards, we asked the rabbis if we could openethe ark and take pictures of the Torahs.  Becuase she recognized me and I just bet they've talked about me, she gave permission.  We couldn't quite believe it.  So here is Charl's take on the Aron Kodesh with the Torahs.  Maybe over-dramatic but it glows.  When I ask him why he pumps up the color, he says simply 'that's the way I see it.'

So here it glows.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Priteca Medals

I have some architectural medals won by the distinguished architect B. Marcus Priteca.  Only temporarily as I will deliver them to the Jewish Historical Society next week.  They were donated by a local architect.  After Mr. Priteca died, his family gave them to this architect.  And now, they will go to the historical society.

I have 5 total.  This one was from an Edinburgh in 1905 for drawing when still a student.  I also have a big time award from the American Institute of Architects.  As the donor architect told me, Priteca could draw with great skill.  The ideas went from his mind to the paper.  Better than anyone he had ever seen.

I took these two pictures after screwing with my camera.  OK, they're the same background and they show up as different colors.  I should deal with that...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Naomi and Dennis

I've been working a lot with my picture files organizing all of my old sanctuary stuff.  Deciding if each image is worth saving and then finding a place in the structure for it.  Have to do it because, if I don't, I will not know what I have and not a clue where to find it.

I came across this nice photo of Naomi and Dennis taken at the surprise engagement party given by Megan to Susanna at Whidbey Island last October.

Is that a good sentence or not, definitely big on the supporting clauses.

It's a bit blown out but a nice interaction.  Kinda smiley.  Some good feelings there.

Today I convinced Dennis to take a short trip up to BC to see if I could bring some codeine back.  The stuff I have expired 2010.  I determined that yes it could be done but though we did have some good fish and chips, it was 41 degrees and misty, so cold, and we we waited a half hour at the border.  I did follow the rules as best I could figure out.  No drug smuggling.

But it took all darn day.  So neither of us were too wild about it.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reflecting on Alaska

I'm working onf categorizing my De Hirsch pictures, just more of that hard work.  But I get the chance to look at some of my older pictures.  This is one from our Alaska trip not 3 months ago.  Seems like longer than that.  This was an Elderhostel (Roads Scholar) trip on the Alaska ferry. 

Our trip leaders would use their local connections to dream up activities.  The ferry had a mid day stop at Hanes.  They called their friend and asked him to set something up.  Surprise us! they said.  So their friend picked us up and we went down the road near the river and looked for and saw eagles.

Alaska is due north of us some large number of miles.  We live in the coastal northwest waters also.  What's the difference, especially looking at southeastern Alaska?  Not that much but more so.  Just a bit more.

I remember being kinda cold.  We can see eagles here.  OK, not that often.  But we were out there doing it.

I didn't really ramp up the color.  My brother ups that saturation close to brilliance.  When I mention it, he says it reflects how he saw it.  I don't know how he saw it, maybe he really did see it that way.  Who am I to say?

Near Hanes, Alaska in mid October.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Teddy and Starbaby at it again

It's been soooo rainy this winter.  I'm thinking of a getaway to SoCal strongly.  Probably not going to happen.

But, getting back to summer's end.  Teddy and Starbaby sunbathing again.  You just can't keep the two of them apart when the sun's out.  Very rare that it's too hot to sunbathe around here.

As you might imagine, it's the kitty that always sets this up.  Gets Teddy to lay down then cuddles up to him.

Sunbathing's more fun when you have a partner.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Me in the ruins

Picture taken by Charl at Thanksgiving time when we went down to De Hirsch.  Showed him the small park made out of some of the artifacts from the old sanctuary.  I'm standing in the doorway flanked in the foreground by two columns.

I picked up the Pritika medals today as part of the donation to Jewish Historical Society.  I have a meeting set up to deliver them.  Also have a cute new related pin.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Know before whom you stand

A while back I asked one of the rabbis to translate this Hebrew phrase that is across the top of the aron kodesh (or torah ark) now in the chapel.

I don't have the Hebrew but the translation is

Know before whom you stand

which sounds like the stern Hebrew God.  Listen up!

I am trying to organize the images I have; this kind of organizational work is particularly hard for me.

Cash (the seeing eye poodle) is now back home.  His owner Eleni was so glad to see him.  The trip to Ethiopia was challenging and she was glad to be back and with her companion.  I know that Cash, um, filled out when he was here.  She had told me he was a picky slow eater.  I don't know if this is the same dog because he gobbled up all the food I put in front of him.  So he looked considerably different, plumped out.  'Cash and a half' I called him