Friday, December 19, 2014

Pimento Cheese- Taste of the South

From Southern Living Magazine--
Pimiento Cheese, barbecue, catfish, and grits— all examples of true Southern culinary icons.
Yup, had all of them on our recent trip to Birmingham.

Here's the Pimento Cheese served at the private graduation party we attended in Birmingham.  Tasty!  Our hostess declared that this was her grandmother's recipe...pimento, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and cream cheese.  The secret?  Let it sit in the refrigerator for a week.

Who can argue with that.  I had a catfish taco, grits at Big Bad Breakfast and more barbecue than we could eat at Dreamland.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Danny and Jessica

A nice picture of my son and daughter in law. Don't know where it was taken but it's festive.  Danny tells me it was a photobooth thing at a birthday party.

I feel soooo fortunate that I really like the partners that my children have chosen.  Jessica, Megan and Matt.  Danny and Jessica married in July 2013 and Matt and Ilana married in June 2012.  I'm hoping for Susanna!

The holidays which officially start tomorrow look to be full of conflicting and confusing schedules.  As Dennis says, picking up restaurant tabs is what he associates with the holidays.  Since there's bound to be plenty of them in the near future (which includes two birthdays), I've decided to cook Christmas eve as opposed to going to the Chinese restaurant.  It's fun but since we have so many other opportunities...  Cantina Lena (new Tom Douglas restaurant carrying SeattlePops) will be a destination at least once, maybe more times.  Since it doesn't look like Dennis' family is putting on anything Christmas afternoon, we may go with Matt's family to another favorite restaurant.  Grandma Anne is having a no host lunch on Saturday.  First Cantina Lena visit was supposed to be on Saturday, now on Sunday so Danny and Jessica can go.  Naomi bday, Susanna bday.  Ilana wants Paglicacci pizza.  Probably noodle house visit.  Yeah, you can hear those dollars rushing out.

We just returned from Alabama which we picked up a bunch of tabs.

Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad I can do it.

Oh, and I'm hosting 14 Christmas morning.  Oh, and now we're moving Cantina Lena back to Saturday, see how it goes?

To my readers:  do you have any opinion about xmas vs christmas?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Night

It almost got away from me but last night was the first night of Hanukah.  Susanna called and suggested that she and Megan come over and make latkes.

She loves latkes.

She agreed also to give Shirra a bath.  They came over, Susanna met Shira and after a short period of acquaintance got her in the bathtub and commenced scrubbing her.  She is beautiful now.  I was very pleased to see that she had not piddled in her bed last night but Dennis siad he found a puddle by the front door.

Old dog problems.

But the latkes were the best yet.  Megan prepared the potatoes and onion while Susanna bathed Shirra.  Then she fried them up and they were delicious.

Having just picked up a lot of checks in Birmingham and looking forward to the holidays which somehow involve a lot of restaurants, I decided that we didn't need to have chinese food on xmas eve.  I bought a small turkey at Costco instead.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy birthday Naomi!

My youngest, my baby turns 25 years old today!  Happy Birthday Naomi!  Born in the winter (who would have a fourth child during the holidays?) she grew up with her three older siblings who always took care of her.

She was the captain of the Highland Dancers in high school!

She's working as a first year teacher in Glendale, a low income area of Phoenix.  Making a difference as her sister Ilana says.  Teaching in a Title 1 public school 4th grade for the kids who don't have strong Enlglish skills.  She's making it work!

And like her grandmother a strong girl scout!  Do you know that scouting's genetic?  I have proof.

She'll be here this weekend, taking a break from Arizona.

This picture?  I'm thinking it's pre-school but I'm not sure.  Maybe she knows. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts from Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham seemed like the most improbably place to go to school.  Who would want to go to Birmingham Alabama which I associated with the deep south and racial oppression.??  Those are dangerous thoughts which tempt the universe.  So when all of the applying and interviewing was over, this was the one school that came through.  With requisite out of state tuition.  It came down to ... if you want to become an Occupational Therapist, then you have to go to Birmingham, Alabama.  So she did and made it a success.

I may never go back to Birmingham but as Dennis, Megan, Susanna and I went there to participate in the graduation ceremonies, we reflected on the really good things that came out of Birmingham.  Gifts that we could not have anticipated.

Steel City Pops - a business inspiration.  If they had never gone to Birmingham, they would never have thought to start a popsicle business.

Hammie - They got a puppy from the Humane Society in Birmingham.  Kind of a hound terrier something that somehow was a refuge from Mississippi.  That's how they got their dog Hammie!

Dan (Danno) - You never know where you will find an angel.  This middle-aged man, certainly with redneck interests, owned a laundromat in the area of student and other low income people's apartments.  He hired her to help run the laundromat, that was her student job.  He took her fishing and turkey hunting (with guns).  Helped her with her car repairs and taxes.  Generally looked out for her; that laundromat became her home base.  He attended her graduation and insisted on taking us out to breakfast.  Thanks Dan for looking after my daughter when she was in Birmingham!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Graduates toss their caps!

The scene yesterday as the newly graduated class tossed their graduation caps celebrating their Masters of Occupational Therapy degrees from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Yes, Dennis, Megan and I traveled to Birmingham Alabama to attend the festivities. 39 members of the graduating class and almost all were there.  I'm sure we were from the farthest away.

A noteworthy accomplishment from my daughter Susajnna who is in center front.  With her hair down!  It took a lot of courage to tackle a prrogram so far away in a different cultural milieu.  But she went down there and did it!

Congratulations to all of the class members and especially to Susanna!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Graduation Party

A group picture at a graduation party held in honor of Meredith D. given by her family and her college friends from Davidson. Susanna's fellow graduate of UAB's master program in occupational therapy bestowed earlier today in Birmingham Alabama.  A lovely party including a big bottle of champagne, yummy food and an authentic pimento spread.

Very nice graduation, that's why we came!  39 graduates, most attended.

I'm taking the picture, I blew out some of the faces...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Recon Work

I won't say where we were but we need to make several visits to do recon work.  These people know what they are doing and we've got to learn.  We sampled six flavors so far with another visit to another location planned later this evening.  We had eggnog, coffee, sweet potato pecan, chocolate mint, plum rosemary and pear honey.

The consensus pick was plum rosemary.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Susanna last year xmas time

Megan had this picture from last year right here in Alabama of Susanna dressed up at xmas time.

The three of us made it.  On the plane to Birmingham, the attendant said "When I say Bama, you say.." and the passengers called out "Roll Tide!"  So here we are.