Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ohana Retreat Grove

The place we stayed in Kailua-Kona met our needs so well.  Two large houses with approx 7 big rooms with bath with full kitchens and washing machines.  Each.  One above the central area with the pool, one below.  A nice lawn for the ceremony; an even better covered area for receptions and dinners.  It had a big screen where we could play the UW football game and karaoke later in the evening.  Megan's family organized and cooked several dinners many eaten there.  They had several acres (probably more) planted in tropical fruits.  You can pick any fruits you want or any flowers.  One of Megan's aunts used this foliage for beautiful simple table decorations.  They give a tour of the orchard, to let you know about boundaries but also to show you all of the tropical plants and products.

This picture shows some of our party (actually all Megan's side, oh there's Susanna) at the end of tour.  The two people at the right are the caretakers who gave the tour.  The young man took coconuts and transformed them so you could drink the coconut milk right out of the shell with a straw.  Fun!

The colors look a little over the top, don't know about my camera but I took them down quite a bit for this image.  Imagine where I started!

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