Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The cake and the knife

Here's the cake and the cake knife.  Ann Marie made the cake; the tropical flowers go perfectly.  I worked on cutting and serving it but I never got a piece, now that I think about it.  That's how it is with weddings, you work so hard keeping all the parts together, you don't really get to participate.  Though really I have nothing to complain about, Susanna and Megan had everything figured out, I didn't have to do much.  The knife originally belonged to Maier Zunder for his daughter Delia's (my great grandmother) wedding in 1894.  We've used it at every wedding since.  We've been careful to not go awry with airport screening.  Mary Ann sent it to me separately in the mail.  Susanna sent it to Baba by the mail.  I admit, when this was over, we just put the box with the cake knife in our luggage and we got it home ok.  It was just too much trouble to figure it out.

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