Friday, November 11, 2016

Followed by election grief

Remember how I was so anxious and worried  by the election?  And then it happened?  I live in the Seattle blue bubble.  Shocking, still almost makes me nauseous thinking about it.  Everybody I encountered was besides themselves with shock and grief.  They could not believe it; the worst had happened.  How could Donald Trump be president????  Really it's ludicrous!

Not to mention the 4,000 patronage jobs.

If he can make life better for working class Americans, if he can really do it, really it would be a good thing. But I don't see it.

This may sound weird but I am reassured by the mainline Republicans now involved with the transition teams.  Surely these white men (I haven't looked but diversity surely will not be valued) have had experience governing so maybe they can not run the whole country into the ground.

Today, I bought some groceries and I chatted with the young man who put my groceries in my car.

YM:  How are you doing today?
Me: I''m hoping, is the Trump Administration over yet?
YM: (laughing) I know, we're not supposed to talk about it but it's on everybody's mind.
Me: I just can't see that he can do all those things for working class folks.
YM: I think a lot of that was all talk (pauses).   But I'm not reassured.

Yes, we're not reassured.  It's all very very scary.

And who wants to see his family members for four years.  Horrifying!

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