Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Anxiety

I have it; a lot of people around me have it.  So so worried and stressed about the election.  Could Donald Trump really get elected?  Send out the deportation squads for all of the people of color!  Mock people with unattractive disabilities.  Mock unattractive people generally.

Oh, oh, oh.

OK, OK, I've given money.  Dennis has given money.  We've canvassed door to door.  I've made 'get out the vote' phone calls.  With my cell phone that doesn't work right.  Look at the map where all of the candidates and their surrogates are going.  Nobody in the upper left of the country at all.  More than 3 states away!

Talked to my friend John S. of the access group.  He was all over the map worrying about things.  I find myself telling him to lighten up.  I could tell he was really anxious about the election.  Just like parent group; you can see it so much easier in somebody else rather than in yourself.

I just have to let it go.  Being wracked out through next Tuesday isn't going to make any kind of difference. We've done our part.  So many large forces swirling around.

The whole thing has been soooooo awful.

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