Sunday, October 30, 2016

Canvassing for Hillary

We did it!  Dennis and I canvassed for Hillary in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle for two hours.  Very hard on my knees as each house had quite a few steps up to the door.  Not so bad going up but not so good going down.  As expected, Dennis would carry the stuff, write down the results, figure out the next house, etc but he did NOT want to ring the doorbell and talk to people.  So I did that part. The idea was to contact Democratic voters who had not sent in their ballots yet.  Which was just about every single house.  Very few Republicans in that neighborhood.  Same congressional district as us; maybe the most liberal in the country.  Nobody was hostile.  But I did not want to climb any more stairs!

Picture was the stickers they were giving out.  The headquarters was a lovely home in View Ridge; young man organizer who ran things, place was in quite a buzz when we got back.

Maybe it was the half doughnut I ate which messed up my knees....

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