Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting in that wedding mood again

I've been going through my jillions of messages in my in box.
And found this one from summer of 2013.

Dennis and me at the dinner part of Danny's wedding.  Hey, not so bad really.  See that dress and that necklace?  Yeah, I'm going to be wearing both of them again on Dec 3 for Susanna's wedding.  In the afternoon in Hawaii.  And in between I wore that dress at Ilana's wedding (though she wore the necklace).  Took *2* hairdressers to work on my loser hair.  Getting my money's worth out of that special occasion on-sale Nordstrom dress.

Susanna will have her sendoff party next Saturday at a venue in Georgetown.
Picture to be taken by my soon to be daughter in law Megan.

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