Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Inaugural Event

We're putting on our first event today.  The Access Student Resource Group.  This group has exploded since I first heard from the organizer this summer.  We're putting on an Inaugural event late this afternoon.  With a talk from the VP of Student Life and a faculty member from the History Department.  We have 85 people who say they are coming!  We went from zero to 230 people who are interested.  Our experience is that if people say they are coming, they show.  Crazy!  We are a new board and, if we can get through this, it will be an accomplishment.

We are having the event in a very nice room with refreshments.  Costs over $1000.  Treasury of $0.  We got funding from student affairs and everybody threw in the contents of their wallets at our last board meeting.  We haven't figured out membership.

The Chair teases me;  Sandy, we go way back, he says.  Since July.

Hope it all goes well.  Dennis did the program we will hand out and special man nametags.  I'm in charge of the checkin table.  I'll be going pretty soon.

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