Sunday, October 23, 2016

Silly picture at Crown College

I was looking through our August trip in August and came across this silly one.  We took a short trip to UCSC and, even though there's a whole lot more there, much not built when I went there, we hit the high points, mainly because, even these are all grownups, there's a lot of them and attentions span are not so much.  We were at Crown College in front of Harvey House and we took a cousin picture near that redwood tree on the right.

When I went, the total enrollment was about 3500; now 15K or 18K or something.

So I must have snapped this picture with people being silly.  As always, I wonder what I would think of my future self.  With the cast of thousands.  It's good, right?  Rich, right?  And complicated.  I think Susanna must have taken the picture, I might be next to my niece Teresa.  Or not.  Who knows?  That really is how it is to have a large family then and when everybody was small.  Who knew?  About things in general.  What was for dinner or where everybody was or anything.  Dennis in the middle, Danny in foreground,, behind him is my sister and Teresa.  My son in law Matt playing to the camera.  Naomi, Megan and Charl behind them.  Where's Ilana.  Who knows, right?

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