Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Inaugural Event, the day after

We had our event last night and it went really well.  Despite cold and stormy weather, we had 66 people come plus university people.  More or less.

Beautiful room, too much food.  The idea was that the second hour should all be reception and it worked great.  Quite a few people stayed and talked to each other.  Asked what they were taking, etc.

Our Board met today to go over and the success of the event was somewhat clouded by the realization that we had put on a beautiful event with no budget and no treasury.  This was not supposed to be a funding board.  A thousand dollar event.  We still owed $180 to one board member.  She got everything back.  I admit putting extra $20 bills her direction.   Kind of the philosophy that if you can solve a problem by throwing some money at it, then it's not so bad.

But what next?  We still have no treasury.  But a good start anyway.

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