Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yurts in Tolt McDonald Park

On the picnic theme.

We were particularly motivated today because we knew that our power would be off for part of the day.  When and how long?  We didn't know.  I'm hoping that if they do this work, we won't lose power when the November windstorms start blowing.

I picked out Told McDonald Park in Carnation.  I'm always fond of the Snoqualmie Valley.  Pick up a Subway sandwich in Duvall.  Very pleasant park with lots of picnic tables and a foot bridge across the Snoqualmie River.  Plus they had some very attractive camping options including these yurts which sleep a bunch of people, have electricity, heat and furniture.  Drawback?  No flushies or showers.

But a possibility.

We enjoyed our trip and took Teddy.  He did pretty well being left in the car for short periods of time.

Good thing we went because when we came home, the power was on but it had been off almost the entire time we had been gone.

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