Monday, September 19, 2016

Martin Selig's Nazi Story

Last night, I attended a fund-raiser for the Washington State Jewish Historical Society.  With my buddies from the archive committee.  Martin Selig, a wealthy influential office space developer, got a special award.  He gave a little speech; with my favorite part of the evening.

He and his family escaped from Nazi Germany in 1939 and came to America.  He told of going back to Arnstein, a small town in Bavaria, a few years ago.  He said his grandparents owned a small department store there.  The local Nazi commander owned a small bed and breakfast, a 'tzimmer,'in this small town.  He visited the tzimmer and saw a picture of the owner, the head Nazi, on the wall.  He took the picture off the wall and threw it into the trunk of the car.  In its place, he tacked up his business card and left.

I love the image.

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