Saturday, September 24, 2016

Judy Gregory memorial

Judy Gregory, an active member of our genealogy group, passed away recently.  The group had grown out of a core group of members from the 2011-2 Genealogy and Family History Certificate program at UW.  When we get together (including with Judy), we just talk and talk ... about genealogy of course.  We all know the other's searches.  And, of course, they all know about Maier Zunder and the work I've done with him. Judy was always a breath of fresh air, the picture does do her justice.  She had been diagnosed with uterine cancer 4 years ago and did well until recently.

Four of us went to her memorial this afternoon.  Her spouse Cindi had indicated that it would be small so we did't spread the word.  As it was, 60-70 were there and there weren't enough seats.  But I was glad to be there.  We met her half sister, who worked with Judy on genealogy.  She knew all about us and we were so glad to meet her.  We immediately agreed to include her even though she lives in Tucson.

The gathering was held at a small winery on the shores of the Ship Canal, across from where Megan works the Fair on Sunday.  I had also been at their home close by a few times.

Farewell Judy, before your time, always searching for information on the Banahan family.

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