Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mokpo - view from Naomi's window

Naomi has finally made it to Mokpo, the harbor city on the southwest tip of South Korea.  She will teach there for a year.  The last week she has been to orientation in Busan.  She didn't know how it would work to actually get to Mokpo and the transition wasn't revealed until the very end.  But, sure enough, she met her co-teacher and she did make it Mokpo.  I've had a little Skype contact with her but she doesn't always have a connection at this point.  She describes her apartment as a spacious studio with a loft and most everything works.

I think it will be better when she actually starts working and teaching.  A lonely weekend for her.  Earlier on Saturday, she thought there might be a dinner she would attend but details were extremely sketchy so I don't know if it happened.  9am Saturday here which makes it 1am Sunday morning there.

Here's the view from her apartment window in Mokpo.  The big building is the school she works at.  Easy to get to!

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