Friday, August 26, 2016

Aptos Beach

One reason for picking Santa Cruz for the family vacation was its proximity to Aptos, specifically Rio Del Mar Beach, the site for Ginsburgh family vacations when I was growing up.  My mother loved this place more than any other.

So Friday,the very first day that people arrived, recognizing that most people would only stay through the weekend, we made lunch and then went off to the beach.  Took longer than I thought (it's really a short way) but traffic jam on Hwy 1.

So, here we are.  I'm standing on the water side.  Danny and Susanna are making the sand castle.  What it was remained elusive.

I think I've figure out everybody's location.  From the left, Dennis is just getting out of the chair, Teresa's in the purple pants snoozing, Charlie's got the blue shorts and straw hat laying down, Pam has the black tank top sitting with the straw hat.  Naomi is sitting in front of her looking to the left. Megan next to her looking the other direction.  Then Ilana and Matt.

That's the group.  We didn't stay too long really, an hour or two.  Enough to enjoy the beach and sculpt sand.

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