Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Loafing at Lake Crescent

Dennis and I just came back from a three day trip to Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park.  I first saw this place, in the modern era (I know we made a few short trips with the kids) three years ago on a day trip when my cousin and her husband visited.  We stopped here on impulse and I immediately felt myself relaxing.  We sat at a picnic table and just looked at the lake.  The lodge looked so old fashioned.  We decided that we wanted to visit again.

So now Dennis has retired so, let's go!  The lodge, built in 1915, feels like a total throwback.  You feel like you are in another era.  There are rows of motel looking cabins but we had one of the ten rooms upstairs.  Must have been a cancellation, I'm thinking.  Old fashioned, the whole place was.  The rooms upstairs had shared bathrooms, but it really wasn't a problem.  It has period furnishings and period music and just invites you to loaf.  Lots of comfy chairs; also a lot of rocking chairs out on the verandah.  Why not just sit and watch the lake, an unending show.  Lots of families there and though there was real limited internet, few people looked at their phones, instead they dragged out old board games and played with their kids.  Just while away the afternoon just chatting.

View from our table at breakfast.  Lake was like glass but it can get real rough when the wind comes up.

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