Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bridesmaid Dress

Ilana and Naomi will be bridesmaids in Susanna's wedding come December in Hawaii.  Susanna's side will be navy blue; Megan's side will be coral.  Here's Ilana having the dress fitted at David's Bridal in Indiana.  Here it is!  But I thought when I saw a picture it had a high neckline and sleeves.  Whatever, this is the real deal.

We went all the way to Sprinker Rec Center in Tacoma to watch one of the LadyHawks teams play.  Dennis likes to watch each team at least once, not that we've done it.

Dennis have a little come-apart when faced with the reality of the vacation next month.  OK, so I made a bunch of changes but didn't update it on the calendar.  It's much longer than we first set it up.  Because everybody except for Jessica (we'll miss Jessica) is coming.  We'll have a group of 10 or 11 in JJ's house from several different states.  Dennis has been busy retiring and, well, I'll take the blame for this.  Oh, oh, the reality hits.  "What?  What?" he says.

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