Thursday, July 7, 2016

More retirement party

Dennis gave his workers this blog site.  So I guess I ought to put something up on it.

How about another picture of his retirement party last week or whenever it was.  Shows the cake and some decorations.

Tomorrow, finally, will be his last day!  He's managed to drag this process out for six months.

We did go to the July 4th party on Harstine Island.  Good time, great meal, pretty place. Teddy always has a great time, he sticks right around the people.  Nice grassy area, some kids, there's some great fetching to be had.  He's still limping.  He really loved the kids and they loved him.

 On the way back, we had six adults, a large dog, two coolers and 4 cases of wine in the mini van for the trip back. I thought it was a contender.  Dennis points out that's nothing compared to the time he brought Susanna along with a double bed and bed frame, kitchen table and four chairs, a dresser a bicycle and a whole bunch of stuff when she had her first student house in Eugene.

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Jim Tedford said...

All of us at Premera will miss Dennis. He's the quintessential accessible IT guy - whatever the issue, he knew how to fix the problem, and explain obscure IT concepts in ways that civilians would understand. And he always knew that the business needs were the driver of what the systems had to do.

Plus, he is an all-round pleasant and patient coworker. And in our department, patience is a definite virtue. And one of the most interesting people I've come across in my career.

Personally, I'll miss working with him to solve the latest ADAS problem, or figure out ways to improve what we do. And our periodic talks about legacy computer systems and technology.

I hoping Dennis' retirement will give him the time to pursue his passions.

Jim Tedford (