Monday, July 11, 2016

First Day of Retirement

Today we went for a picnic.  On a Monday.  Because we could.  Originally we were going to go Saturday but we went to Brinker in Tacoma to watch one of the LadyHawks teams play.

I had been scoping out picnic areas in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest.

This was late this morning at Beckler River Campground a little over an hour away on Hwy 2, one of his favorite routes.  Quite a nice campground in the forest, pretty empty on a Monday on a cloudy cool summer day.  Seems like all of June and July have been cool and cloudy.  Summer anybody?  They had a separate picnic area right by the river..  That's the Beckler River burbling behind him.

Then another ten miles to Deception Falls, a beautiful area where you can see some great rapids and waterfalls very close to the road.  Some great very short trails.  I did the accessible trail.  A lot of white water for .2 miles.  Dennis took the longer trail with Teddy who decided that he wanted to run the trail at a full gallop.  Dennis was game and the two of them dashed up and down stone steps and along the river.

I took the picture of the lower falls from a footbridge above.

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