Friday, June 10, 2016

The Fits

We did manage to fit in our last SIFF movie.  I picked "The Fits" which was an intense charming film.  Needs another title.  Funded by a micro-budget program at the Venice Bienalle, it's the story of an 11 year old girl who moves slowly from boxing training with her brother to a hip hop girls drill team.  Part of the plot and the extremely small amount of dialogue revolved around some episodes of hysteria.  But more went on especially as we watch Toni become part of the group.  Excellent.

Dennis and Naomi returned from Phoenix with a U Haul and a trailer towing her car.  Going over small roads and a lot of desert in Eastern California.  But they made it.  Naomi is here for the time being.  She's waiting for a placement to teach in Korea.  Will it happen?  Hope so.  If not, she'll work on getting a teaching job here.  She starts with popsicles tomorrow morning.  Susanna and Naomi's friend Jackie's husband Will (got that) came over to help unload the truck and move stuff around.

Naomi came with her cat Albert.  Unfortunately she is baking already.

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