Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flip a Table

It's finals week at the University of Washington.  I've been over there doing my endless work in Special Collections.  Student organizations often have tables in the area between the library and the student union.  A music fraternity had the greatest fundraiser ever.  "Flip a Table".  They set up this old card table and filled it full of books and folders and binders and paper and containers of pens and markers.

For $3, you got to flip it over.  They clean it up.  Relieves stress, gives students a way to blow off energy after finals.  Or just if you wanted to knock over a table of stuff with impunity.

I had to do it.  They took a video on my phone.  I admit I had a hard time physically trying to organize my movements on the approach.  But fun!

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Matthew said...

This is fantastic.