Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cut Cut Cut

"Jews in New Haven" is going to publish a Volume X after an interval for many years.  So, of course, I have to submit, I mean how could I not?  A problem (maybe an opportunity) is that the very first article of the very first volume (1979)was a pretty decent article about Maier Zunder.  By a still active member.  He was honored today at an event but he was very ill when I was there a few years ago and wouldn't talk to me.

They invited me to submit, 5 pages nor more than 500 words to the page.  Doing the math, that's 2500 words.  I also have pictures that will really add.

My original paper, the one I self-published is about 60K words.  I worked on it a bunch getting into a size I could submit, which I hoped for the Connecticut Cities (didn't happen) to a bit over 10K words.  I've been working on it really all day and I've got it down to 3800 words.  I know I can do it. Get something that they will consider.

Quite warm here.  I have some crows in the backyard, they're just doing the job being good parents.  They must have a nest in the big maple tree.  Every time Teddy goes outside (or me for that matter), the crows start squawking and scolding.  Dive-bombing.  They've been doing it all day.  Can't they get another hobby.  I've told them that it's Teddy's backyard and he can go out there.  They're not buying it.  Not one bit.  He's got hurt feelings.

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