Saturday, June 4, 2016


My cousin Mary Ann sent me the Summer Edition of Shalom New Haven: the Voice of the Greater New Haven Jewish Community.  On Page 22, there's a good sized article on the Jewish Historical Society.  The archivist Marvin Bargar (a personal fav), says
Over the years, Bargar said he's gotten to work on some interesting projects with people.  He even had the chance to work with an author from Seattle who visits every year and is doing research on Maier Zunder, who was the first Jew to serve as the head of the New Haven Board of Education in 1881.
Hey, that's me.  I'm more famous than I knew.

So I thought I might write about it, need an image.  Google looking for an image that catches my eye.  One of the first ones is a picture that I took of Mary Ann, Marv and Werner maybe from 2011.  Must be from my blog, I thought.  But when I looked it wasn't; it was from the Jewish Historical Society's site.  Turns out that they used the picture for the web page for their archives.  Wow, there we all are. Except me, I'm taking the picture.  Funny!

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