Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Therapy for a Vampire

On impulse, Dennis and I decided to go see this movie.  A tightly written Austrian vampire screwball comedy.  Great fun and just what he needed.  SIFF is showing movies at Shoreline Community College and we definitely want to support that.  I found it and then realized it was showing tonight (in 45 minutes) not tomorrow night.  We decided to go for it and had time to spare.  We could never do that for one of the downtown venues.  Takes forever, you better get there early and pay a bunch for parking.

Very very funny and silly.

A great antidote to the film we saw yesterday (was that just yesterday?) "Tiny, the Life of Erin Hartwell" which was a followup to a character in "Streetwise",  a film about Seattle street kids that we saw 30 years ago.  Gosh, what a blanking mess, no way out of the underclass especially when drugs are involved.  I know that the director really liked her and did try to present her in a positive light.  But still.  Very sobering (or not).

We were quite proud of ourselves just picking up and going to that movie.

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