Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Priteca Medals

I have some architectural medals won by the distinguished architect B. Marcus Priteca.  Only temporarily as I will deliver them to the Jewish Historical Society next week.  They were donated by a local architect.  After Mr. Priteca died, his family gave them to this architect.  And now, they will go to the historical society.

I have 5 total.  This one was from an Edinburgh in 1905 for drawing when still a student.  I also have a big time award from the American Institute of Architects.  As the donor architect told me, Priteca could draw with great skill.  The ideas went from his mind to the paper.  Better than anyone he had ever seen.

I took these two pictures after screwing with my camera.  OK, they're the same background and they show up as different colors.  I should deal with that...

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