Sunday, January 31, 2016

Naomi and Dennis

I've been working a lot with my picture files organizing all of my old sanctuary stuff.  Deciding if each image is worth saving and then finding a place in the structure for it.  Have to do it because, if I don't, I will not know what I have and not a clue where to find it.

I came across this nice photo of Naomi and Dennis taken at the surprise engagement party given by Megan to Susanna at Whidbey Island last October.

Is that a good sentence or not, definitely big on the supporting clauses.

It's a bit blown out but a nice interaction.  Kinda smiley.  Some good feelings there.

Today I convinced Dennis to take a short trip up to BC to see if I could bring some codeine back.  The stuff I have expired 2010.  I determined that yes it could be done but though we did have some good fish and chips, it was 41 degrees and misty, so cold, and we we waited a half hour at the border.  I did follow the rules as best I could figure out.  No drug smuggling.

But it took all darn day.  So neither of us were too wild about it.

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