Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reflecting on Alaska

I'm working onf categorizing my De Hirsch pictures, just more of that hard work.  But I get the chance to look at some of my older pictures.  This is one from our Alaska trip not 3 months ago.  Seems like longer than that.  This was an Elderhostel (Roads Scholar) trip on the Alaska ferry. 

Our trip leaders would use their local connections to dream up activities.  The ferry had a mid day stop at Hanes.  They called their friend and asked him to set something up.  Surprise us! they said.  So their friend picked us up and we went down the road near the river and looked for and saw eagles.

Alaska is due north of us some large number of miles.  We live in the coastal northwest waters also.  What's the difference, especially looking at southeastern Alaska?  Not that much but more so.  Just a bit more.

I remember being kinda cold.  We can see eagles here.  OK, not that often.  But we were out there doing it.

I didn't really ramp up the color.  My brother ups that saturation close to brilliance.  When I mention it, he says it reflects how he saw it.  I don't know how he saw it, maybe he really did see it that way.  Who am I to say?

Near Hanes, Alaska in mid October.

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