Sunday, February 7, 2016


This weekend, I'm making great progress on my Old Sanctuary project.  Even though it means a lot of time at the computer, writing and, worse, organizing.  I still have a lot of information that hasn't found its way into the general scene.  If it's sitting out in some folder in the Pictures library, it's not going to find its way into the narrative.

Fortunately, we don't have any Super Bowl obligations.  I would say that it would be a good time to do errands but a lot of people in Seattle have lost interest now that the SeaHawks are not playing.  People around here are STILL talking about that play from last year.  You know the one, give the ball to Marshawn.

I'll feature this picture.  Yes, part of the Old Sanctuary project.  And those who know will immediately recognize it as the work of my brother Charl.  He has a certain style that sometimes I think is overwrought and sometimes I think is genius.  He's somebody who's become an artist later in his life.  His specialty is macro-photography which, looking at the prefix, you might suspect it would be pictures of big things but it's pictures of very little things.

When he was up here at Thanksgiving, we went to temple.  Afterwards, we asked the rabbis if we could openethe ark and take pictures of the Torahs.  Becuase she recognized me and I just bet they've talked about me, she gave permission.  We couldn't quite believe it.  So here is Charl's take on the Aron Kodesh with the Torahs.  Maybe over-dramatic but it glows.  When I ask him why he pumps up the color, he says simply 'that's the way I see it.'

So here it glows.

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