Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meet Cash

He's a seeing eye dog and he's mine until Jan 25 (approx).  My friend Eleni (who is blind) had to go to Ethiopia to handle some legal aspects of her parent's estate.  She could not take Cash with her as dogs are regarded differently there.  Cash and I have always had a thing going; he really likes me. I said I would take him.

However, what I didn't realize is that seeing eye dogs are not used to be left by themselves.  Because they go everywhere with their owner.  So that means I have to become an imposter blind person.  He does pretty well when he has his work halter on. He s used to lying on the floor at your feet.  Naomi and I took him and Teddy out for a walk today, I can see that would be hard by myself.

So I may end up taking him to class next week as I'm gone from several hours.  Take him to my dr appt tomorrow?  Then I have an appt tomorrow with the rabbi, take him then too?

Teddy looks very sad and left out.  Cash has had pee and poop inside issues.  He twirls when excited.  He really does want to get along.

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