Monday, December 28, 2015

Phone case

Here's a phone case.  No phone.  That's my current status.  My cell phone stopped charging.  Which meant that I had to bring it to a phone fix it place.  Phone is just about a year old.  They said it was the docking station which makes sense because I've had to jiggle it around to get it to charge.  Takes several days to get a new part.

Which means no cell phone.  I don't mind.  I felt I was a slave to that darn device.  Always having to plug it in because the battery would lose charge.  Always having to check it to see if somebody texted or called me.  Having people irritated because they texted me and I didn't respond.  See previous sentence.  It's too big to carry around.  And I don't WANT to carry it around.  And if I don't put it in my purse, I can't find it.  It is handy sometimes but I am NOT a believer.

Just fine to not have it for a week....

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