Thursday, December 31, 2015

Album progress

Ilana and I made excellent progress on the endless hopeless picture album project.  A year or so ago, I took all of our snapshots that were everywhere, went through them, threw out over half of them and put them (vaguely by year) filling six square bill boxes.

But there's more.  I have our own photo albums, done haphazardly, all of my mother's albums and all of my in-law's albums.  There still a bunch (30-40).  So, the idea was to make 1 (just one?  no way) album for each adult kid out of these pictures.  OK, keeping some for myself.  So we're on 2 albums for each kid and an album or two for myself.  We got rid of 4-6 albums and threw out a bunch.  Not done, but a start.

Dennis set up a table in Ilana's old room and we spend quite a few hours on it when she was here.

Action shot.

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