Saturday, November 28, 2015

The torahs in the ark

This morning, Charlie, Dennis and I went down to the Shabbat service at de Hirsch-Sinai.  I've been showing my face these last few weeks.  It's kind of linke ethnography; ok maybe is ethnography.  Getting to know people, looking for people to tell me their experiences.

Holiday weekend, no bnei mitzvah, no special music.  But the rabbi's beautiful voice sufficed.

I've been going four weeks in a row (or so).  This time, I asked the rabbi who I had seen before if I could take pictures of the torahs in the chapel.  To our surprise, she said it would be ok.  So we did.

Are those the same torahs that were there when that aron kodesh was in the old sanctuary?  We don't know.

Taken by my brother Charlie.

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