Friday, November 27, 2015

Deception Pass

Today, we did a photography oriented field trip.  Where could we go, given the limitations of dog bladders (dogs left behind) that would be scenic and fun.  How about Deception Pass?  It can involve a ferry ride and Charl always like these.  But it gives a little something special other than going across the Sound and back.

Deception Pass, the water passageway off of Puget Sound (or the Salish Sea) between Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands, did not disappoint.  Cold today but sunny and clear.  I took this shot from the bridge looking inland, to the east.  You can see Mount Baker (with snow) peeking up in the center horizon.  We also stopped at the west beach of the state park which also gave beautiful vistas.

Dennis wanted to  come back by land so as to avoid the ferry which meant continuing north on Fidalgo Island.  How could we go to Fidalgo Island and not stop by the L family?  So we called ahead and did stop at their beautiful home for a chat and some coffee. We came back a rural route through Conway and stopped at a little cider place out in the fields with honor pay.

And then burritos at La Raza, vey nice!

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