Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our 2015 Thanksgiving

The attendees to this year's Thanksgiving edition.  11 total.  I'm taking the picture so I'm not in it.  My brother Charlie came; so did Dennis' brother Bryan.  Danny and Jessica, Susanna and Megan.  And a young family invited by Danny.  They've just moved back to the area.  They're on the left.  We really enjoyed them.  Especially their little 4 year old boy; he was fun.  He loved to throw the ball for Teddy.  And, of course, the four dogs.  The dogs were fine, Shirra was downstairs, Teddy and Hammy are sociable.  Maddy made a ton of yappy noise.

A good time with lots of good food.  The potatoes and the stuffing are all gone; the hug salad now all gone.  Still have turkey and lots of pie.

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