Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1907 box contents

I think it's going to happen.

The local university has agreed to accept and the holder of the materials agrees to donate the contents of the 1907 cornerstone box.  The donor has agreed that I can pick up the materials and bring them over.  I think he's really glad to find a home for these materials.  We all understand that some of them maybe too damaged and may not be kept.  The university has conservator staff who can evaluate these things.

Yay, I'm feeling really good about this and worked to get it set up.  It hasn't happened yet but the the deal is crafted.

This picture is all over town.  It is a picture of a cornerstone laying for the Temple.  But it's for the earlier 1901 building that was never completed.  They built the basement and vowed that they would not go into debt and waited until they had the funds to build the main building.  They then realized that their planned building would be too small and sold their property and moved to a bigger parcel up the hill.

We are also acquiring additional holiday guests.  Dennis suggests that at the end of the holiday dinner, somebody might like to take home a dog.  You pick.  Take two, says Dennis.

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