Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sandy working the crowd

Dennis took this shot early in the annual meeting of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society annual meeting last Sunday.  It's early; eventually at least 60 people will attend.  I'm working the crowd.  On the right with wavy dark short hair in black with my back to the right.

I'm clutching my display board and, look, I've got a live one, somebody is signing up on my clipboard!  Who is that, I don't know, I've been working that clipboard all week.  The tall man in the suit next to me signed up and then elected not to participate.  He wasn't old enough anyway.

I did do two interviews last week.  I was referred to a lady Mrs. T., age 102, contemporary of my interviewees mother who lives in the same retirement complex.  I've talked to her twice and she is really with it.  A good 102.  However she does have some trouble figuring out her schedule.  Apparently, the best way, is to call day of and see if she can do it.  I can do that.

Today, we were again down on Capitol Hill, for a new pickup for the food bank.  A major Asian products store in the International District with an unusual name.  For the first time, it was pretty small, not more than a grocery cart worth.  With 4 people there.  Dennis and I are accustomed to the haul from the farmer's market where we fill almost every cubic inch of our mini-van with the seats pulled out.  But maybe this can be developed,  We've agreed to do this twice/month.

I called my lady but she said her grandchildren were visiting today.  I can actually try tomorrow.  She does live a fair distance away; that's why I was hoping to get this done on a weekend.

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