Saturday, November 7, 2015

Black Sand

Susanna and Megan are in Hawaii for two weeks visiting Megan's grandma.  A picture from the black sand beach she posted on Facebook.  I went to a black sand beac, probably this one but it's hard to tell.  In 2010.  I placed a letterbox that was wiped out in the tsunami.  I'm sure she's having a great time there.

Also my granddaughter Melina's 15th birthday.  Sent a card, left a message, texted her.  We basically have had very little contact with her since she turned 13.  I don't think things are going well.  Her mom posted a picture of her on Facebook.  But I can't really bear to share it.  She's not wearing revealing clothing, I can say that.  But now, she's in a rush to grow up.

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