Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alaska map

Back to Alaska--

This was just a small part of the map they gave us with details of the inland passage to Alaska.  I know that I still have trouble making sense of the island, peninsulas, canals, etc in the Puget Sound region.

Sometimes I tried to figure out where we were but quickly I gave up.  I figured they knew where they were going and the stops were listed on the bulletin board at the Pursers.  I would just trust in them and watch the scenery.

Skagway was the most north we went.  Our leaders said Skagway would be deserted and it was.  It's been co-opted by the cruise ships and the cruise ships ended a month before we arrived.  The cruise ship lines own a lot of the jewelry and other shops and they were all closed up.  Weird.  I think Skagway is  legit town; was the gateway to the Klondyke.

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