Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What they didn't build

Like many projects, getting the chronology right is half the battle.  I'm studying the Old Sanctuary for Temple De Hirsch which was built in 1907 and dedicated in 1908.  But the real decisionmaking was in 1905 and 1906 when the Board went back and forth about what they would build and where they would build it.  They already had a piece of land and the beginnings of a building.  They had built just a first story they could use and intended to build a superstructure when they had the money.  By the end of 1905, they had the money but they realized that the foundation they had built would not support the size of their growing congregation.  They realized that they could sell their current property and buy a bigger lot farther up Capitol Hill.  Eventually they got their offer and did just that. 

They dumped their rabbi at the same time (not sure why, but there's a bunch of innuendo) and their architects before it all settled out.

But this is what they didn't build.  I'm glad!

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