Thursday, October 1, 2015

Goodbye Migration, Hello Af-Am Lit!

So the Young Professor is teaching a class on Migration to America of different religious groups, especially from the Ottoman Empire.  I went to the first class; he intends to incorporate the current events directly related, ie migration from Syria.  The other students were engaged, some great discussions already.  Three access students out of approx 25.  Looked good!

Then I got thrown out.

Dang.  Something's going on in the History Department,what's the deal?  Have there been some bad actor access students?  Classes dominated by graduate students?  I did have an inkling this could happen as I had been barred from another class and another faculty member had told me that some of these classes were restricted.  But he knows me and there's nothing in the time schedule excluding access students.  I had written him and he hadn't replied, a red flag for sure.  So the department makes the rules, doesn't put it in the schedule and each faculty member has to throw us out to our face.  And I was ticked off.  Grumble grumble.

Oh well, catch you another quarter, Young Professor!

Look at it another way, this is a great opportunity to take a class of African American Literature!

There were two classes, I was confused until Ilana clued me on the word 'Genre'.  Oh, that's why the reading for the class looked really weird.  Really this class as on Afrofuturism, all science fiction authored by African American authors.  You know, alternate universes populated by warring tribes deep in the future. uhhhh, too weird for me.  Though it would have been an experience.

I went to another one on African American literature class, more on the canonical but some recent works.  With a healthy dose of political theory thrown in.  Race, Property, Contract.  Really like the professor, the students, lots  of  variety.  I thought that I would feel funny being the old white lady.  But, who am I fooling, I'm not white!  Actually I felt rather comfortable around other dark-featured people.

Ilana sniffs, but you've enjoyed white privilege all your life.  Yeah, mostly but not always, not completely.

She sent me an add code, I'm in.

A pic of Ralph Ellison

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