Sunday, September 27, 2015

Supermoon? Lunar eclipse?

It's supposed to be happening now, right now.  But I look outside and can't see anything.  So many trees and hills.  My neighbor thought it was supposed to be this way but I can't see anything.  Neither can he.   Some stars, I don't spend enough time outside at night looking at stars.  I'm missing the whole show.

So I have to go to the internet to see the lunar eclipse which should be right outside my door.  I'm reduced to the NASA feed, I think from Huntsville AL on the LA Times site

Yes, yes it is changing.  On the feed anyway.  Picture shows the lunar eclipse from a little while ago.

In other news, Dennis and I went down and did gleaning again on Capitol Hill at Broadway Farmers Market.  It's a short intense gig.  We show up a little late, Dennis and I and two JFS staff.  The new staff member didn't want to drive their big honking van so we used our Toyota mimvan which worked fine.  We could fit the two  carts in there and the box collection.  We show up and immediately people are looking for us.  Yes, yes, they call out, we have things for the food bank.  Leave us a box.  Somebody comes up and hand me an armload of baguettes.  These are for the food bank, he says, there's more by the manager table.  So, late in the season, the vendors are looking for us.  Especially Alvarez, an organic farm which is particularly generous.  They always give more than anybody.  We got 300 pounds of squash, cucumbers and eggplant from them.  We actually turned down the flats of blackberries.  We took them last time and they're such a mess.  The clients loved them but they get everywhere and go bad too quick.  So boom boom, it's a intense but short-lived deal.  The vendors want to pack up and get out of there.  The vendors are  loading up and we are loading up too.  We get one cart and many many boxes of produce in the van.  The others walk the remaining cart up the hill the 5 blocks or so to the food bank.  We've written down the donors on the boxes.  We weigh the boxes and we're done.  The whole thing takes a little more than an hour.

Here's my picture taken just after 9 pm Pacific

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