Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Suzallo with a what?

Today, down at Special Collections, I was looking through a big box of prints taken during the 1920s.  I never did find the shot of De Hirsch Sinai I was looking for.  But I think I have another version of it.  They give me such grief every single time about photographing their images.  No I don't want a photocopy, I want to use the image for a legit project

The box was full of images of the University of Washington when the buildings were new.  I've been there so long, I recognize most of the buildings.  Then I came upon this image.  What?  The building is clearly Suzallo library, one of the most striking buildings on campus.  On what is now Red Square.

But what is that thing behind it?  That HUGE tower.  There is no tower in Suzallo.  Did the martians land or what?  It almost looks like a photograph.

Turns out that they never built that 300 foot bell tower.  This is an architectural rendering.  I can't quite read the text because I'm taking the picture on the sly with my phone.

They're always scolding me there.

Weird, very weird.

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