Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aron Kodesh

On this Kol Nidre night, I'll write about the biggest artifact from the Old Sanctuary, the aron kodesh or ark.  I had never heard that phrase before I started this project.  It was bought for quite a price ($1100) in 1907 from a local cabinet maker.  That's all I know about how it was made.

It's now in the chapel at De Hirsdch-Sinai.  It's somehow out of place.  A question about the remodel of that difficult space, who knows what will become of it.

I want a good image; I asked a photographer friend if he would take a picture.  I also got in touch with a faculty member crucial to my project and set up a meeting.  This picture was taken by my phone on a recent visit.

I'll do better.

I went to Erev Rosh Hashonah this year, Dennis is good for one service.  Plus the China president is in town and apparently the traffic is a complete mess not far from the location of the service.

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