Thursday, September 24, 2015

Duck Crash

Really, could it get any worse?  Could anybody have made up this scenario?

A tragic traffic crash, at least 4 dead, others seriously injured.

Involving the Ride the Duck siteseeing vehicle.  In Seattle, you really hate to injure or kill off your tourists. 

Match it with a bus full of students, many from China from a local community college.  The side of the bus is just gone.  Ditto for your students from other countries, you want to take care of them.

Now, make it right in the middle of the Aurora Bridge, a huge span over the ship canal, hwy 99, from Fremont to Queen Ann Hill and on to the waterfront area.  Major thoroughfare.

Add in that this is the week that the president of China is visiting Seattle with a huge and active schedule.

Nobody could have made this mess up.  Picture from the Seattle Times website

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