Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ilana - before the beginning 1986

A rare picture of me being pregnant. Things were just way too nuts for me to think about taking pictures of myself.

And who's in that baby bump?  Ilana!  Pregnancy was really a mystery to me.  I never expected it, pretty much denied it most of the time.  I didn't have any time to savor the miracle, etc etc.  Susanna was a year old and Danny was four.  I was just trying to survive!

Where are we?  Somewhere wooded?  From the clothes the kids are wearing, it's summer.  Makes sense as Ilana was born in August.  So I'm pretty well along in this shot.

Notice the firm hold I have over the strap of Susanna's sunsuit.  Because she is going to take off FOR SURE.

Now, there are more acceptable options in maternity clothes, lots more choices.  Then you had to drape everything over.

It's always a miracle when a healthy baby is born.  Amazing it happens as often as it does.  But Ilana was born August 10, a week before the calculated due date.  Under 5 pounds.

Again, any wonder that I wasn't in the labor force full time?

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