Monday, August 10, 2015

Ilana around 12 years old

Today's the day!  Ilana is 29 years old today.  I went into the big boxes of pictures.  I kind of wanted a picture of her celebrating her birthday.  Seems like Ilana had some star-crossed birthday parties.  That never quite worked out as planned.

But I found these two.  Dates are approximate, maybe she can date these more accurately.  I figure 1998, maybe 12 years old.  The first on Alki beach, probably during a visit by my parents.  My mother loved going to the beach and having fisn and chips.  Ilana was taking a yoga class (I was too!) and she loved the whole other worldliness idea.  She always was the different drummer, in another dimension,' ponyland' we called it.  You never knew what worlds Ilana was exploring in her imagination.

Plus she looked pretty cute in the straw hat.  Though the bangs are a bit long.  At her other grandparent's house?  Just not sure.

Happy Birthday Ilana!

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