Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ilana with sibs at party 1995

Day 2 of Ilana birthday week version 2

This shot dates from the 50th anniversary party of her grandparents Jim and Lanaya Barnes.  Lanaya was already showing signs of dementia and could not be too much involved in the planning.  If she had all her wits about her, she would have put it on in fine style.  It was Jim who wanted it, helped with it and funded it.  Lanaya did make sure that all of the kids had new shoes.

Ilana, third of four poses with her siblings.  9 years old.  Her sister Susanna behind her is only 19 months older.  Susanna had just about gotten her full height though we didn't know it.  She's even taller than Danny who is 13.  I think that Ilana was at a girl scout weekend at Camp River Ranch.  She could not bear to miss it so I think one of the leaders brought her back special earlier on Sunday afternoon so she could attend.  She was very sad to leave girl scout camp.  Looks to me like I actually had everybody reasonably clean and dressed up.  It was an afternoon party at the Shoreline Museum in the old school building which no longer stands.  They were the only grandchildren.

Jim and Lanaya had never had a wedding.  Jim's mother put Lanaya on a bus, age 18, to San Francisco where Jim was stationed and they were married at the courthouse.  Lanaya left a note for her father.  How's that for wartime love?  They never really missed it but we had a wedding cake, etc at this party.

Those kids are 6, 9, 11, 13 in this shot.  Or close to it.  No wonder I never really re-entered the labor force.  Danny is holding his (as he put it) little tiny baby sister for the pose.  He really did try to take care of his little sister empire.

Happy Birthday Ilana who turns 29 this week.

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