Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stayed with the old dog

I decided to stay home with Shirra, the old dog.  She can's hear and really can't see.  Plus she wanders in random ways.  Dennis could just see her tumbling down the hill or off the stone wall to the rock beach.  I thought she would wander off into the brush.  Because she doesn't make any noise when she gets in an awful fix and can't hear us, we would lose her for sure.

On the other hand, Teddy loves the cabin and the people ... plus people play ball.  He doesn't wander because he likes to be close to the action.  You know what's great about people who eat big fun food outside, they drop stuff and, you never know, somebody might slip you some chips.  Now, the other guests might not appreciate him.

So Dennis wanted to go and take Naomi (who's visiting) and Naomi wanted to take Teddy.  I have a ton of things to work on so I'm stayed here.  Read articles for next week's class.  Also try to read an entire book on interviewing (I've read a lot of it!).  My session next week continues to expand.  One of those events that take on a life of its own.  Now we've picked up an executive director who wants to come.  Yikes.

Visited Dave who was selling popsicles at the Shoreline Farmers Market.  Dennis and I were doing that last week.  That business makes for a long hard summer.  Sales for the first summer were much higher than expected and this season's sales are many times last season's.  So she must be doing something right (other than working 80 hours a week at it.

They're on their way home now, I'm sure. 

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