Sunday, July 5, 2015

The July 4 party at Harstene

That I didn't attend.  Naomi took some pictures and Eliza sent a whole package of leftovers.  I heard Teddy got more than his share of goodies back in the kitchen.  All the timing worked and Dennis and Naomi got home before 8 pm.  Naomi took some pictures on her phone.  Pretty nice spread.  Pot luck but mostly home made.  I know that I've helped with the dishes which is usually pretty fun.  Mostly I take care of Teddy.  The cabin is on the water.  We don't go there much; takes 2 hours to get there.  We could probably spend a weekend there if we wanted.

I read most of the book about interviewing.  Dennis and I went down to the site earlier today and tested out some scenarios with the voice recorder.  Walking away, talking over each other.  Things that don't work, not dropping it etc.  It will have to do.

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